July's Newsletter - Salvador da Bahia, Brazil

Between work and work again, one does need a break. So there we go, visiting as much as we can before being sent somewhere else! This time we chose the Northeast of Brazil as it was going to be warmer, it is "winter" here in the south!
So we flew to Salvador, got a car and went to the hotel we had received so much recommendation about, the Eco Resort in Praia do Forte about 40 miles north of the airport (more pictures at Eco Resort - Praia do Forte ).

  The beach on the north side of the village of Praia do Forte, which is a fishermen's village now being overtaken by tourism.

It is called Praia do Forte because there is a fortified old house on the hill, the Castelo Garcia D'Avila, whose construction was started in 1551.

In the village there is the base of the Tamar project whose objective is to save the endangered species of marine turtles, more pictures on the project at  the following site Projeto Tamar .

There was also some animals in the hotel garden, so we had long talks with the Arara parrot!

And there was also plenty of flowers....

We visited some other beaches close by like Barra do Itariri and Itacimirim, where Amyr Klink finished his rowing trip accross the Atlantic.

On the way back, we stopped for one day in Salvador and visited some of the most interesting places in the city. Like the Farol da Barra and the Lacerda elevator, that links the lower and higher parts of the old town.

And of course the Pelourinho part of the old town that has been declared a protected area by the Unesco.

Then it was back to the hotel and the next day to Sao Paulo.

And as dessert some boat projects..........

That´s all for now, back to my Home page.

JP - 9.06.2000 1