Breaking Heart
February 8, 2004
There are times in life, when all is can't imagine a moment being any more complete then the one you find yourself in.

Then a cloud comes by and says with warning "You are sleeping in your contentment and I have come to wake you up."

And the rain begins to pour down on you so hard that you can feel the pain of the water and ice pelting on your face...on your body.

Then the lightening strikes the ground where you are standing and you jump out of your skin and you wonder if you were ever in your body at all.

Then the earth begins to shake and all the walls you built to keep you safe and warm begin to crumble all around you.

You look up to the sky and all you see is the darkness that is surrounding you.

Then there is a calm wind that gently brushes your face and you look around and everything you once knew has crumbled to the ground.

The clouds begin to fade and the sun comes up and there you are looking at a life that no longer exists for you.

You look up to the sky and it smiles on you.  Your not sure what is going to happen from here.  In this place of nowhere.  And a person walks by and smiles at you and says "that was some storm" and you wonder do they know that I have lost everything in one instant.  And you turn around to look at them walk away...and you can hear that person whisper "yes" from their Heart to Yours. 

Something inside you is laughing and smiling and dancing...Yes Yes Yes here I am ... where I have never been before and always been.  Here with nothing...all along I thought I have had something to hold onto....and that illusion is now gone and yet nothing has changed.  Here I am under the Sun, under the Sky, within the world...holding on to nothing and seeing the beauty of everything.

Heart Breaking its imaginary chains.
  ~Joy Surget
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