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The most important
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"Dr. Joy" is...
Dr. Joyce Petrak, DCH

She has helped over 2000 people with Hypnotherapy and Spirit Release Therapy since earning her Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy in 1991.

She is author of:

"Angels, Guides
& Other Spirits

Joyce bases her practice just outside the metropolitan Knoxville area in beautiful eastern Tennessee.

Contact Dr. Joy:

(865) 458-8972

 [email protected]


Angels are messengers from the Creator who are anxious to help, if we ask.

They cannot interfere with our free will so we must ask for their help.

Ghosts or haunting spirits
need our help and love, not our fear!
You're not alone

Many disbelieve in spirits but, for those open to listen, you may encounter hundreds of people willing and anxious to share experiences just like yours.

Blessings to you,

Joyce Petrak

Spirit Release Therapy ...

    is releasing attached spirits from a living human, or from a building or area, so that they can go to the Light (heaven).

Earthbound spirits and/or demons have been known for centuries in all cultures and all religions.  One third of Jesus' miracles involved such spirits and His followers were known for their abilities to get rid of them.  Today, we can all seek the assistance of lay therapists that do a remarkable similar work ~ Spirit Release Therapy.

This is a highly spiritual, oft misunderstood process which helps both the entity and the person or place affected.  The process is always done in love and with the help of Angels and guides.  The method for releasing these spirits into the Light is different for individuals than it is for buildings but the results are always the same... miraculous.

  Signs of Possession
Some common signs of possession or attachment by unwanted spirits and energies *

  • Inner voice(s) speaking to you
  • Fears, phobias, panic attacks
  • Unexplained pains
  • Bursts of anger, even violence
  • Unable to control use of alcohol, drugs, food, etc.
  • Poor memory; mental confusion
  • Low or high/low energy levels
  • Loneliness or sadness
  • Feeling alienated or rejected
  • "This isn't me" words, actions, or feelings
  • Depression, anxiety
  • Inner reactions to reading this list
* Some of the above may be medical problems;
   check with your doctor.

With a person, the client (or a surrogate) goes into a deeply relaxed state and allows the spirits to speak through them.  With a building or physical area, the therapist works with Spirit Guides and Angels to discover the entities there.

As part of the process, the therapist will encourage the attached spirits to look up. They always see a Light.  The loved ones or Angels who come for them are tested, by the therapist, to make sure they truly did come from Heaven, and working together, will direct and assist the spirits in exiting willingly.

The therapist then prays for the Healing Angels to remove any residue left by the departing spirits and fill the client or building with healing LIGHT.  The results are often miraculous as both clients and physcial spaces will feel more peaceful with the great burden lifted.

People, and certainly animals, know when a building is 'haunted'.

These spirits can scare or annoy occupants with noises, moving objects and creepy feelings.

Appliances can be turned off or on
Music may be heard.
Some people see a wispy form

Some say they know about the spirit in the house but it is benign and doesn't bother them.  However...

The haunting spirit is a deceased person and it is a great kindness to call on the Angels to help them into the Light or Heaven.

After a session, we encourage people to routinely pray for spiritual protection.  Our aura vibrations are constantly changing.  Negative thoughts, fears, anger, drinking, using drugs can all cause a weakening.  This is when spirits slip in.  Guard your thoughts and remember, Light is always stronger than darkness.

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