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Your Family Recipes

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for the family using


After an effort of trying to find a database that a joseph 
sixpack could handle on the computer for an untold number of 
recipes, i finally discovered that the average family uses 
seasonally, about 10 to 20 recipes.  Suddenly it dawned on 
me that the fact was true for my family as well.  Sure 
enough it was only about 20 recipes that i really needed to 
recall, and after i started to do some of the cooking, i 
finally memorized those as well, making the search for a 
database, well, uhhh... somewhat irrelevant...

The modern Google whips anything that i can come up with in 
the recipe department.  With Google, just type in the 
ingredients that you have on hand, press enter and it will 
search the web for your desired recipe and come back to 
offer you literally thousands of recipes based on those 
ingredients.  Can't beat that.  And Google even has a built 
in calculator for altering ingredient amounts BUT you have 
to be online.

Anyhow, so what we have here is some titled programs as 
forms for you to enter your recipes if you want.  3x5, 4x6 
and 5x8 cards work really good too, as well as just printing 
them out on 8.5 x 11 paper and notebooking them.  Your call.
Remember, we are only talking the 10 to 20 recipes here.

Programmed correctly by a professional, GW-BASIC can hold 
thousands of recipes by reading data in from a file, but 
here we are just using inline data, notwithstanding that, 
the simple method seems to be sufficient in any event, given 
the limited number of recipe data cards.

If you are going to use this method, don't forget to copy 
the mnu-rcp.bas program, the linking batch file, and small 
basic files as well, if required.

Each of these little programs uses an upper or lower case 
letter for a key to search the inline data so there is about
a 52 recipe capacity per basic program or about 500 in all,
using all ten of the various titled recipe areas.  

Enter all the recipe text within the upper or lower case
letter spread, about 22 lines.  Usually that is enough.


n) Favorite Appetizers

The Meal

n) On the Mediterranean n) The Salads n) The Side dishes n) The Entrees

Dessert First

n) The Desserts

Slurpers & Other Things that go Drip in the Night

n) The Casseroles n) The Chowders n) The Soups n) The Stews

Give us this day our daily Chocolate Cake, Fudge, Pastries, Muffins & Bread

n) Breads

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