Fanart and Doujinshi Page2

        Here you'll find pics of my web character, as well

        as pics of characters I've played on

        various forums and ML's.

        Please DO NOT take any pics from her

        without my permission, as they are characters

        I created myself.  The email button is

            located down below if you wish to ask for one

        of the pictures in this section.

A character from the Secret Havens and Jeice's Yaoi RPG ML, Mujitsu

A character from an EZboard forum rpg, and Jeice's Yaoi RPG,  Rizaado

From Jeice's Yaoi RPG, Mordecai

From Jeice's Yaoi RPG, Nathaniel

From a now-defunct yahoo group, and looking for a new place to play, Mage Brolli

From Jeice's Yaoi RPG, Sergio

A pic of my web character, JJ, done by me

A pic Laraniadrake did for me of my web character, JJ

From Jeice's Yaoi RPG, Shane