Welcome to the Fanart and Doujinshi Secton!

Here you'll find my art, and art contributed

by friends and fellow artists, I'm working on

getting some doujinshi ready to post here,

although I might just give links, as space may not permit

everything I'd like to post here, so I'll post teasers, and perhaps

stick the rest in the Yaoi Artist and Writer's guild's files section.

Please DO NOT take any pics from this section without asking

permission first!

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Description(Click the bullet to see pic)

Rena Sama  

DBZ, Goku/Vegeta

Chuu!  *chuckles* a cute kiss pic! 


Larania aka Asha  

DBZ, Bulma and ChiChi

A nice pic of a yuri couple not often seen! 


Alle Chan   

DBZ, 18 and Bulma

A concept pic, if you will, for a  that has yet to be finished (Hey, I'm workin on it..v_v) 



DBZ, 17 and Trunks

*smirks* A lovely  little Christmas pic done for me!

Scarecrow and   Johnnyjosh  

DBZ, Yamcha/Vegeta

A  pic I drew, and she colored for me! 



DBZ, Piccolo/Vegeta

An awesome pic done for my fic, I'll Settle for You. 



DBZ, Jeice/Zarbon

  Aw...don't they look cute together? *grins*

  Teaser for my fic, Alternative Arrangements

A sweet kiss between two hot bishonen



DBZ, Radditz/Jeice

Who knew Jeice would take so well to a collar? *snickers*

A more...torrid scene between these two



DBZ, Radditz/Zarbon/Jeice

Another teaser pic for Alternative Arrangements



DBZ, Radditz/Zarbon

Yet another teaser pic, this one was recently recolored, as some of the earlier Radditz/Jeice and Jeice/Zarbon ones will be


DBZ, none

A pic of one of my fave characters, Jeice!


A pic I did on a dare of what Brolli would look like at SSJ4



Saint Seiya, Seiya/Shun

A pic inspired by a little rp between Herve and myself



Saint Seiya, Hyoga/Shun

Aww, they look so cute together!

Teaser pic for my fic Twice Bitten, Thrice Shy



Saint Seiya, Shiryu/Shun

Hot, steamy shower scene!



Inu Yasha, Sesshoumaru/Naraku

This is about as sweet as these two get >>;;

Methinks Naraku is in trouble...*chuckles* Why can't I get in that kind of trouble? *pouts*