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Oh my, you are a brave soul, aren't you?  Coming in here,  braving my temper, and listening to my insane ramblings?  I hope you have a strong stomach, and lots of patience, because you never know what kind of drivel you will have to listen to in here....



March 14, 2004

Oh my, it has been a little while since anything's made me mad enough to write on these pages, hasn't it?  *laughs* You've been very fortunate. 
But, like all good things, your good luck had to end sometime, so on with the rant.
I've recently gotten into an english dub of a series, called 'Knights of the Zodiac'.  As many of you already know, that is a Dic-ified version of the Japanese series 'Saint Seiya'.  Now, here's where the rant starts.  All I have to watch of this currently is the english dub, therefore when I wrote my first fic about the characters, it was based on that dub.  I was surprised by the amount of people that were against me writing it, saying that 'Knights' was crap, and I should write it about Saint Seiya.  Issue #1, I don't have the time and money to spend trying to get my hands on those subs.  Issue #2, I don't have that much of a problem with the dub. 
I was pleased when I published the first chapter of that Knights fic, titled "Twice Bitten, Thrice Shy' (yes, it's on here as well as adultfanfiction.net) by the amount of people that were die-hard Saint fans who gave me positive reviews, saying they were ready to hate it simply because it was based on the dub. 
However, I was not pleased when I tried to join a few Saint Seiya yahoo ML's and was basically told to get lost because my Knights fiction wasn't welcome there. 
Can we say elitist, anyone? 
You see, the problem I have with this situation is this:
I was drawn into my longstanding obsession with Japanese anime by another Dic dub, Sailor Moon.  I had never watched much anime before, and even though tons of stuff was changed and 'dumbed down' as a lot of people put it, for what it was, it was still an extremely enjoyable series.  I'm finding the same with KotZ. 
I don't have much of a problem with the dubs because I look at it this way, if it weren't for english dubs, I'd probably never had gotten as heavily into anime as I have, and I know there are a lot of people out there that would likely never have been exposed to it at all, if it weren't for those 'awful' english dubs.  So it's time to stop the growing tide of hatred toward dubs, before these attitudes take on enough of a life that our cartoon stations stop showing them. How would you like it if the ONLY way any of us had to watch anime from now on was to spend our money on videos and dvds?  I think there'd be a lot of people out there that would miss say, Inuyasha if the dub were never to be seen on TV again.  Think about that before you go opening your mouth to bash those dubs next time.  A lot of us anime otakus got started on this road because of them.


September 2, 2003..
*sighs*  You know, I'm really getting tired of FF.net.  It was bad enough that they chased me off of there, by banning NC-17 fics.  Any fan of my writing knows darned well that 99% of my fics feature graphic lemon, mostly yaoi, and deserve no lower rating than that. 
But hey, it was their site, I had no control over the issue.  If they wanted to ban all graphic stuff like mine, fine.  I really didn't care.  I moved all my stuff to adultfanfiction.net, built this little home for all my work, and boycotted them.  Never mind the fact that a lot of us hardcore yaoi authors, who happen to like giving our readers juicy, in-depth lemons had just lost a major outlet for our creativity. 
My advice, take your drool-worthy work to adultfanfiction.net. 

And now, FF.net, in their infinite stupidity, has decided to ban all lemony fics.  It seems R ratings on FF.net will go the way of the much beloved NC-17 rating.  Whatever happened to the slogan of theirs, 'Unleash your imagination and free your
soul' ?  BAH!  Again, BAH!  Bullsh*t!!  Nothing but a bunch of rubbish, false advertising in my opinion!  Free your imagination and free your soul, just so long as it doesn't offend the moral majority, or parents that are trying to keep up with their net-savvy kids and keep 'em away from anything they deem inappropriate.....oh God, you had to get me started on that, didn't you....DIDN"T YOU!!!!????  *foams at the mouth*

There's my next rant topic, all the parents out there today that are screaming about all the nasty things on the internet, and on tv that their kids are seeing. 
Look, you f*cking idiots, it's not the broadcasting corporations, or the makers and producers of these shows jobs to make sure your kids don't lay eyes on anything bad, ok?  And it's not my job as a fanfic writer, or fanartist to make sure all my work is appropriate for little kids.  I have an imagination, and I intend to use it, thoroughly, thank you very much, just as all those other fanartists, fanfic writers, web masters and mistresses do as well I'm sure.  If you're so worried about what your kids are watching on TV, or seeing on the internet, then why don't you STOP USING COMPUTERS AND TELEVISIONS AS FREE BABYSITTERS?!  Seems pretty simple to me.  Maybe you ought to sit down and pay more attention to what they're doing, rather than screaming about it after the fact.  And there's always a real simple solution if you don't like what's on TV, change the bloody channel.  Same thing goes for the internet, that little BACK button up there mean anything to you, boneheads? 

Finally, I come to my last topic for the day.  The dwindling number of true blue smut writers out there.   I know that there's been some backlash against lemon writers lately, FF.net comes to mind, and I know there's been a slew of new flamers cropping up harassing yaoi writers and artists in particular.  But still, it seems that now more than ever, people are getting discouraged by it.  Seems like every time I go to a Fuh-Q Fest, or fic archive, there's less and less lemon fics turning up out there.  Where are all my fellow hardcore lemon writers?  *wails*  I miss you!!!! 




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