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Oh my, you are a brave soul, aren't you?  Coming in here,  braving my temper, and listening to my insane ramblings?  I hope you have a strong stomach, and lots of patience, because you never know what kind of drivel you will have to listen to in here....



November 29, 2006

Well, it seems the world has managed to turn on it's axis happily and without incident for quite some time since my last rant, but, like everything else, once again all good things must come to an end.  My rant today isn't directed at fanfiction or role play surprisingly enough, no, today it's all about certain virtual pet sites.  I started out about 4 years ago on one certain pet site (let's just say it starts with an N, and ends with an s, shall we?)  and left it after awhile when it just became too hard to make money.  Not to mention I noticed the glass ceiling on the site, causing any member over 4 years old to be frozen at random, for no apparent reason.  When the unfortunate freezee got their account back, they found themselves with unpainted pets, no weapons, no petpets and nothing in their bank or safety deposit.  Myself and a couple of other friends decided to jump ship once we realized what was happening.  Plus we were just plain sick and tired of watching scammers getting away with things and the mods never doing a damn thing about it.  

We moved over to another virtual pet site, (again, let's just say it starts with an S, and ends in an a) and while I have to admit it's much easier to make money, and the mods to seem much more interactive and caring toward  their users, I'm also noticing the same disturbing and in some cases disgusting trends as the other site.  

There's just too many people out there that have little to no respect for another person's feelings or opinions.  They feel because someone has opened themselves up a bit on the shoutbox or in the forums, that this gives them the right to jump on said person and spew vitriol and attack them nonstop until mods have to jump in and start warning, and in some cases threatening to freeze people to get them to shut the hell up. Why is it that people feel the need to do this?  Is it because you idiots think that the web gives you anonymity, and therefore some kind of power?  You think because there will be no possibility of physical retaliation for your often cruel and atrocious verbal attacks that you have the right to speak to people in such a reprehensible manner?  Or are you such attention-whores that you just get a kick out of throwing out any caustic remark that crosses your feeble brain, putting it out on a public forum where others can see it, and getting off on the reactions?  

I'd really hate to think that there's another reason for it, that there's still some of you out there that are dumb enough not to realize that yes, you should show some basic level of consideration and care with what you say on here, because those hurt or angry responses to your thoughtless remarks don't magically appear on the screen.  On the other side of that text is a thinking, feeling individual with just as much right to their opinions, and of a little basic respect, as you. 

My next bit of this rant concerns the scammers.  Honestly, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!  It's a virtual pet site, those pets, those sP, the items, it's all nothing but pretty pixels drawn by the staff artists.  Why do you feel the need to hack, scam and otherwise try to rip people off for something that, in real life really means absolutely nothing?  It's just a game, a bit of entertainment, so why work so hard at trying to ruin said game for others?  

I'm just really getting tired of seeing all these cruel and spiteful people doing their best to ruin perfectly good forms of entertainment for everyone else.  Sometimes I wish I could catch some of these immature little jerks in IM, then I'd show them just how much words can hurt.  At least until they put me on ignore *snorts* These little punks sure like to dish it but they can't take it back.  Personally I think the owner of the aforementioned site should make it so that inflammatory or deliberately hurtful comments on forums or in the shout box are warnable, if not freezable offenses.  The site is supposed to be for 13+, so surely people should possess enough intelligence to know when the things they say will anger or hurt others.  



The opinions expressed on this page are purely my own, and in no way reflect the opinions of yahoo, geocities or anybody else, so if you got somethin to say to me about it, bring it on! *chuckles*


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