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Welcome to The Mah Jongg Corner. This is the place where you can find programs, tilesets, and information related to tile-matching games. It is my hope that this web site will attract, as a minimum, those folks who have created tilesets for Nels Anderson's Mah Jongg game. Look around and see if there is anything you want to take with you. The centerpiece of this website is the Windows-based program Tileman. You can download this program here. Take a copy of it and see what you think. It's freeware, so what have you got to lose?

What's New

From time to time I update this website with new tilesets and other things so if you've been here before and are curious if there's anything new since your last visit, here's a quick way to find out. New Stuff

Tile Matching Programs

There are a number of programs that have as their main theme the matching of pairs of tiles with the object to eliminate all the pairs. Currently, this web site is dedicated only to those games that are based on the ancient game of Mah Jongg but it does not include the now popular game by the same name which is played interactively over the internet.The 3 games showcased here, Mah Jongg, Mah Jongg for Windows, and Solitile are all played the same way but each has unique features and that is what makes playing each game interesting and enjoyable.

Mah Jongg by Nels Anderson

This is one of the oldest, and most popular of the tile-matching game programs. It is a DOS based program but will run nicely in full screen under any of the versions of Windows. The last version of the program that I know of is 4.2 dated 09/01/94. The program has several options to allow customizing the game to the user's own tastes. A tile-making program is included which allows players to make custom tilesets for themselves and to share with other players. Many tilesets (Mah Jongg tilesets have extension TIL) have been made by players of the game. How many, I do not know, but my collection numbers 791 sets. Some of these files are available to those who have registered my TileFile Manager program. Click here to download Mah Jongg Ver 4.2 Be sure to visit Nels Anderson's web site and checkout his latest games. Here is the URL for his web site:

Mah Jongg for Windows by Ron Balewski

This program is a windows based version of the program MJVGA30 by the same author. It uses the basic layout of Mah Jongg but runs under Windows with its own style of tilesets. Whereas Mah Jongg was programmed to accomodate EGA and other low resolution monitor types, MJVGA, as the name suggests, was programmed to support the VGA graphics mode. Mah Jongg for Windows (packaged as MJ4WIN) uses tilesets with the extension TIS. TIS tilesets are twice as large as TIL tilesets.Like Mah Jongg, MJVGA30 includes a tile-making program but MJ4WIN does not. I have over 100 of the TIS type tilesets. How many TIS type tilesets there are out there, I have no idea, but I suspect it's not much more than 100. Click here to download Mah Jongg for Windows Ver 1.0 You can also download it from Ron Balewski's web site:

Solitile by Everett Kaser

Solitile, like Mah Jongg, is a DOS based program, and like Mah Jongg, it runs beautifully under all versions of Windows. One outstanding feature of Solitile, is the layout editor with which players can make there own tile arrangements. It is quite easy to do and fun to see how easy or hard it is to win with your own layout. Solitile also features selectable board background images as well as background music. Solitile also has a built-in tile editor for making tilesets or for converting Mah Jongg style tilesets to Solitile (.STL) tilesets. The last version of Solitile (for DOS) is 3.58 dated 04/10/94. Click here to download Solitile Ver 3.58Update:Solitile Version 5.1 is now available at the author's site below: Be sure to visit Everett Kaser's web site and discover all the other great games that he has created.

Tileman by James Gray

This is not a game but rather a support program for the three games described above. In addition to launching one of the three programs, passing it the file name of a tileset, it sets user-selected game options, and creates and manages compressed tilesets. It was developed to facilitate the use of the many tilesets available for the three games. The program is freeware and is available for download here. Currently, the ZIP file is just over 700 Kbytes. Download the latest version of Tileman: If you register the program (just filling out a short form), you will have access to my tilesets.

Mah Jongg Tilemakers

Over the years, there have been many (at least 800 I think) beautiful, clever, artistic, original tilesets created by fans of the game of Mah Jongg. I would like to honor those folks who so proudly placed their name in the tilesets they created, by listing their names and the tilesets they created. See how some people, like Penny Cornelius, have outdone themselves by the sheer number of tiles they have created! Click on this link and see my gallery of tilemaker stars! Mah Jongg Tilemakers

List of Mah Jongg Tilesets

And now, here it is! The list you have all waited for--The list of all the tilesets that have been made for Mah Jongg! Oh Sure! How do I know (how does anyone really know?) how many TIL tilesets have been created? Of the 800+ sets that I have, about one fourth of them did not contain the tilemakers name! In future, if I get enough support, I will list those tileset names and see if the tilemakers come forward to claim their ownership. Here's the link to the page that contains the list. List of Mah Jongg Tilesets If you want any of these tilesets, you need to do two things, register my Tileman program and send me a list of the tilesets you want. I will then send you those tilesets and give you a password to access other tilesets. Note: I will not honor any lists that say "All", "A to Z", etc (hehehe).

List of Mah Jongg for Windows Tilesets

The number of tilesets for MJWIN is much fewer than for Mah Jongg, but they are beautiful, nonetheless. There are gaps in the numbers and I don't know if this means that they are missing or just never created. Which makes me wonder how the assignment of "V" numbers was controlled. I think I even assigned some V numbers to TIS files that had no V numbers. Here is the list: MJWIN Tilesets Can you fill in any of the missing numbers?

Mah Jongg/Solitile Board Layouts

There are a few files that determine the configuration of the tilesets when a game is played. Mah Jongg refers to these as board arrangements and identifies them with the BRD file extension. Solitile refers to them as layouts and gives them the extension LYT. Mah Jongg for Windows has no provisionfor changing the board configuration. If you have any that are not on my list, please email them to me and I will include them in this web page. Click here to see the list of board layouts.

Register Tileman for Windows

If you have tried my TileFile Manager and would like to receive additional benefits related to the 3 games, take a few minutes and fill in this form, send it by pressing in Submit button, and I will email you a password so that you may receive these benefits. The information you enter will only be used by me to determine the effectiveness of this web site and the Tileman program. Click here to bring up the form.

File Download

As an incentive to register my Tileman program and to extend the pleasure of playing the games, I am making available several files for downloading. Some of these files are available no place else. You will have to have the correct password in order to bring up the page containing the links to the files. If you enter the password incorrectly 3 times, it will kick you back here. One other thing, you will have to be running a browser that understands Javascript 1.0 or higher and Javascript must be enabled in the browser--otherwise, nothing will happen. Click here to go to password page.

Free Solitaire Card Game

Explore this variation of the popular Free Cell solitaire card game. I call it Joker Free Cell because I introduce 2 jokers into the game to allow players to "cheat" their way to a winning game if the situation looks hopeless. I wrote this game as a means of learning how to use a dynamic link library (DLL) that assists in the writing of card games. Click here to download Joker Free Cell .

That's All for now, Folks, Stay Tuned For New Developments

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