"Official" Jimenez Municipal website - Mexican Government

Bexar Geneaology

Cart War Hanging Tree - Goliad

Cart War -Texas State Library & Archives Commision

Cart War - Handbook of Texas Online

Images of Jiménez
and the surrounding towns, by photographer Robert Jones.

Images of the Colonial Spanish Presidios near Jiménez

San Buenaventura, Coahuila,
Founded by several De Hoyos ancestors.

Castaños, Coahuila
Great site with lot's of info regarding it's history. On April 28, 1745... " in the name of the King of Spain.." Castaños was granted to a son of Santiago de Hoyos, one of the founders of Monclova, Domingo de Hoyos as personal property.

Attack on Jimenez by U.S. Army Troops in 1878.
Chronoly of the countless Revolutions in Mexico.

Great Flood of 1954;
June 28 to be exact, which inundated the whole town.

Congregación Rodríguez, Coahuila;
Birthplace of the Revolutionary leader, León Ibarra.

Photos of the Río San Diego, "el Rio Chiquito" in Jiménez
from el "Tío Calzon's" Blog.

Territorio de Coahuila y Texas
area news & editorial Magazine.


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