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Coahuila, Against Porfirio Díaz
(26 of September, 1906)


Fellow citizens:

In legitimate defense of our trodden liberties, of our violated rights, the dignity of the Fatherland trampled by the criminal despotism of the usurper Porifio Diaz, in defense of our honor and our lives, threatened by a government which considers crime honor, and drowns in blood the most legal and peaceful attempts of liberty, in defense of justice mocked without end by the handful of brigands with whom it oppresses us, we rebel against this dictatorship of Porfirio Diaz and we will not lay down our arms that we have taken with all justification, until in union with all of the Mexican Liberal Party we will have made prevail the program initiated on the first of June of this year, by the Organizing group of the Liberal Party.

The excesses committed daily by the dictatorship throughout our unfortunate country, the attacks against the electoral rights, the right of assembly, the freedom of the press and speech, against the freedom of labor, the butchery whereupon the government strangles us, the manifestations of the civicminded, the murders and the robberies that are cynically committed everywhere by the authorities, the systematic scorn to which Mexicans are subjected to and are imposed on ordinary citizens, the enormous loans whereupon the dictatorship has jeopardized the nation with no more goal than the enrichment of a few oppresors, the indignity of our tyrants who have invited the invasion of our territory by foreign forces and in a word, all this accumulation of iniquities, apprehensions, thievery and crimes of all sort that characterize the Porfirista Government, must be stopped and addressed by the country, that for thirty years has been respectful and humble with the vain hope that the tyrants would return on the path of righteousness, has been today convinced of its error and has tired of supporting these chains, and will be unbending in the vindication of our rights.

The crimes of the dictatorship, greater every day and the impossibility of being resolved by peaceful means, because whenever we have attempted to exercise our right we have been overrun by the tyrants, and has precipitated this revolution.

Those who see this as wrong, do not blame the country that for thirty years has been peaceful and humble, instead blame the tyranny that by its indifference and despotic intolerance has caused us to resort to force of arms in order to defend our rights and to realize our just and honest aspirations. Behind this movement are neither ambitious sights nor favoritism. We fight for the Homeland and for all the oppressed, in general, for the benefit of all. Our battle flag is our Liberal Party. Until a government elected by the people is established, the only authority we recognize is the Organizing Junta of the Liberal Party.

We are only a fraction of that Liberal Party that has and will fight until victorious in the redemption of the Fatherland and have built in agreement with our fellow comrades throughout the rest of the country, who as we, have risen on the same date against the present and corrupt Administration that soon will be toppled and which at this very moment, trembles before the formidable revolutionary movement that shakes every corner of the Mexican Republic.

We call upon the officers and soldiers of the National army so that far from serving the vile dictatorship that dishonors the Fatherland and betrays it, will unite with the liberating movement. They are children of the nation like us, the same yoke weighs on them that crushes us all, they are also tyrannized and exploited by the tyrants but above all because, they are too are Mexicans and it is their duty to fight for the dignity and the Fatherland and not for the personal good of a bloodthirsty, tyrant thief such as Porfirio Diaz.
To the leaders and officers in the service of the Dictatorship who cross over to the liberal ranks, the promotion of two ranks will be granted them, the private soldiers will be paid $ 1.00 daily, free of expenses and the other classes will be paid equivalent wages.

To the foreigners we advise that we have nothing against them, but also remind them of their responsibilities of neutrality in the political affairs of Mexico, which they have no right to intervene. We will uphold the rights of those individuals and property as much as possible.

In the interest of our beloved Country and of our cause, we do not want to give rise to international conflicts, but the foreigners who break their neutrality, and serve the Government and engage us in combat, cannot expect any consideration on our part.

Reform, Freedom and Justice.
Jiménez, Coahuila, Mexico, September 26, 1906.

Telésforo González, Trinidad García, Juan J. Arredondo, Juan Casillas, S. Espinoza Garza, Zacarías Guerra, Gabriel Flores, Blas Montalvo, Antonio Villarreal, Calixto Guerra, Félix Martinez, Esiquio Garza, Faustino Villarreal, Ignacio Mendoza, Julio Salinas, Esteban Vielma, Juan F. Leal, Juan I. Martínez, Alejandro Villarreal, Félix Arreola, Máximo González, Juan Guerra, Maximiano Montalvo, Valentín Villarreal.

Those who sign below, declare ourselves against the administration of the Dictator, General Porfirio Díaz.
Rafael Menchaca, Florencio Martínez, José Martínez, Luis Espinosa, Alberto Mijares, Jesús Cárdenas, Jesús Calderón, Martín Almaraz, Basilio Gutiérrez, Vidal Barrera, Presentación Cuellar, Albino Pérez, Pedro Carmona, Donaciano Arreola, Isabel Constancio, Juan Antonio Carrasco, Félix Sandoval, Justo Guerra, Eleuterio Carrasco, Nicolás Jiménez, José M. Almaraz, Macario Arreola, Ponciano Barrien, Eugenio E. Garza, Pedro Garza Silva, Florencio Cuenca, Vidal Barrera, I. R. Nuncio, Jesús Reina, Severo Espinosa, Antonio Camarón, Ciriaco Guerra, Julio Garza.




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