THE PANDORAS Probe Club, LA, CA 5-Aug-1988 CDr ?mins DAO -

PENNYWISE Warped Tour - St. Paul, MN 17-July-1997 CDr 39mins DAO* set
PENNYWISE Apollo, Manchester, UK 27-May-2001 CDr ?mins DAO set
PENNYWISE Inland Invasion 2, Blockbuster Pavillion, Devore, CA 14-Sept-2002 CDr ?mins DAO set

PiL Maryland College Park 31-Oct-1982 CDr 65mins DAO -

THE RAMONES CBGBs, New York 15-May-1975 CDr ? ?Mins - set
THE RAMONES Cambridge, MA 12-May-1976 CDr A 43Mins DAO set
THE RAMONES The Roundhouse, London, England 4-July-1976 CDr ? ?Mins - set
THE RAMONES Roxy, Hollywood, CA 12-Aug-1976 CDr A ?Mins DAO set
THE RAMONES Los Angeles, CA 16-Aug-1976 CDr ? ?Mins - -
THE RAMONES CBGB's, NYC 31-March-1977 CDr ? ?Mins - -
THE RAMONES Barbarella’s, Birmingham, England 24 May 1977 CDr A SBD 55Mins DAO set
THE RAMONES London, England 6-June-1977 CDr ? ?Mins - -
THE RAMONES German TV 1977 CD A ?Mins - set
THE RAMONES N.Y.C. 27-Oct-1977 CDr ? ?Mins - -
THE RAMONES Palladium, NYC 07-Jan-1978 CDr ? ?Mins - set
THE RAMONES Stockholm, Sweden 7-Sept-1978 CDr ? ?Mins - -
THE RAMONES Palladium, NYC 31-Dec-1978 CDr ? ?Mins - -
THE RAMONES Civic Centre Plaza, San Francisco, CA June 1979 CDr ? ?Mins - -
THE RAMONES Indianapolis, IN Dec-1979 CDr ? 65Mins DAO 30
THE RAMONES New York City 31-Dec-1979 CDr ? 70Mins DAO set
THE RAMONES Metropol, Berlin, Germany 3-Sept-1980 CDr ? ?Mins - set
THE RAMONES Rosilyn, New York 20-July-1982 CDr ? ?Mins DAO set
THE RAMONES The Palace, Hollywood, CA 09-Dec-1984 CDr ? ?Mins - set
THE RAMONES The Ritz New York City, NY 17-Dec-1984 CDr ? ?Mins DAO -
THE RAMONES Leicester, England 30-Sept-1989 CDr ? ?Mins - set
THE RAMONES Italy Feb-1992 Tape ? ?Mins - set
THE RAMONES The Palladium, LA, CA 15 Oct 1992 CDr ? ?Mins - -
THE RAMONES Tokyo, Japan 09-Feb-1994 CDr ? ?Mins - set

DEE DEE RAMONE Spa Club, Chelsea, NYC 13-Jun-2001 CDr B 60Mins - Book Release Party
JOEY RAMONE Continental, NYC 11-Dec-2000 CDr ? 80Mins - Last Complete Show
MARKY RAMONE w/Intruders Cemento Disco, Cordora, Argentina 12-Oct-2000 CDr ? ?Mins -

RANCID Demos From The Pit ? CDr 52mins DAO set
RANCID Demolition Sessions ? CDr 59mins DAO set
RANCID The Garage, London 10-Jan-1995 CDr 62mins DAO set
RANCID Rock City, Nottingham, England 2003 CDr 57mins DAO set

RIVERDALES Arlington Heights, IL 10-June-1995 CDr ?mins - -

ROLLINS BAND The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA (WM3 Benefit - Black Flag Set) 1-July-2003 CDr 70mins DAO set
ROLLINS BAND Cologne, Germany (WM3 Benefit - Black Flag Set) 7-July-2003 CDr ?mins DAO* set
ROLLINS BAND Astoria, London (WM3 Benefit - Black Flag Set) 10-July-2003 CDr 68mins DAO set

SCREECHING WEASEL Tampa, FL 29-June-1989 CDr ?mins DAO 21
SCREECHING WEASEL Milwaukee, WI 1990 CDr ?mins - -
SCREECHING WEASEL Detroit, MI 26-Feb-1991 CDr ?mins - -
SCREECHING WEASEL Annapolis, MD 1-Jan-1992 CDr ?mins - -
SCREECHING WEASEL East Orange,NJ (Radio WFMN) 02-Jan-1992 CDr ?mins - set
SCREECHING WEASEL Chicago, IL 12-Apr-1992 CDr ?mins - -
SCREECHING WEASEL Chicago, IL 24-Dec-1992 CDr ?mins - -
SCREECHING WEASEL Flint, MI 12-March-1993 CDr 38mins DAO 15
SCREECHING WEASEL Norfolk, VA 22-March-1993 CDr ?mins - -
SCREECHING WEASEL Houston, TX 14-April-1993 CDr 41mins DAO 16

Brian Setzer Ryman Auditorium, Nashville (soundboard) 05 Feb 1997 CDr 47mins DAO 14
Brian Setzer Orchestra Duesseldorf, Germany (soundboard) 09 Mar 1999 CDr 48mins DAO 16
Brian Setzer & the Bloodless Pharaohs Unreleased studio album + Live tracks ? CDr ?mins - -

SEX PISTOLS Midnight Special, Screen on the Green, London 29-Aug-1976 CDr ?mins DAO set
SEX PISTOLS 100 Club, London 31-Aug-1976 CDr ?mins DAO -
SEX PISTOLS Electric Circus, Manchester, England 9-Dec-1976 CDr ?mins DAO set
SEX PISTOLS Stowaway Club, Newport 31-Dec-77 CDr 60mins DAO -
SEX PISTOLS Inland Invasion 2, Blockbuster Pavillion, Devore, CA 14-Sept-2002 CDr 63mins DAO set

SIN 34 Demos 1985 CDr ?mins DAO set
SIN 34 Devonshire Downs, CA 17-April-1982 CDr ?mins DAO -

SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES Love In A Void Demo's 1979 CDr ?mins DAO -
SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES Roxy Club, London (4th gig) 26 April 1977 CDr ?mins DAO -
SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES Camden Roundhouse (Vortex Club), London 23 July 1978 CDr ?mins DAO -
SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES Mountford Hall, Liverpool 22-Nov-1978 CDr ?mins DAO -
SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES Coventry And Bones, Coventry, England 9-March-1981 CDr ?mins DAO set
SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES Koln, Germany 9-July-1981 CDr ?mins DAO* set
SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES Orpheum, Minn 25 May 1986 CDr 76mins DAO 18

THE SISTERS OF MERCY Psychedelic Sessions - CDrP ?mins - 11
THE SISTERS OF MERCY Lycyum, London 25-March-1985 LP ?mins DAO "Time To Cry" LP Double

SLAUGHTER AND THE DOGS Bellvue, Manchester, England 1977 LP ?mins DAO - Live Rabid Dogs LP
SLAUGHTER AND THE DOGS Factory 197? LP ?mins DAO - Live at the Factory LP

SLOPPY SECONDS Live Tape ?? Tape ?mins DAO -
SLOPPY SECONDS Newport, KY 1988 CDr ?mins DAO -
SLOPPY SECONDS Philidelphia PA 10-April-1993 CDr 60mins DAO 21
SLOPPY SECONDS Indianapolis, IN 5-April-1995 CDr ?mins DAO 27
SLOPPY SECONDS Chicago, IL 25-June-1995 CDr ?mins - -
SLOPPY SECONDS Indianapolis, IN 31-Dec-1998 CDr ?mins - -

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SOCIAL UNREST Demos 1981 Tape ?mins DAO

SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS Democrazy, Ghent, Belgium 26 Aug 1993 CDr 63mins A DAO 15
SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS El Sol, Madrid, Spain 12 June 1997 CDr 48mins A DAO 16
SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS Casbah, San Diego, CA 25 April 2004 CDr ?mins A+ SBD DAO 15

STIFF LITTLE FINGERS Stockholm 12-May-1979 CDr ?mins DAO Sourced from LP

THE STRANGLERS Hope & Anchor, London 24-Nov-1977 CDr ?mins DAO -

STRAY CATS London, England 31-Dec-1980 CDr ?mins DAO
STRAY CATS Ritz, New York City 28-Nov-1982 CDr 72mins DAO set
STRAY CATS Boston 16-Dec-1982 CDr ?mins set

Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros

Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros Paris, France 7-Dec-1999 CDr ?mins - -
Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros Liverpool, England 22-Nov-2002 CDr ?mins - -

TIGER ARMY Galaxy Theater, SA 05-May-2001 CDr ?mins -
TIGER ARMY Denver, CO 18-Feb-2002 CDr ?mins DAO
TIGER ARMY The Escape, SLC 24-Oct-2002 CDr ?mins -

TSOL Demos ? CDr ?mins DAO set
TSOL City Gardens, Trenton, NJ 1981 CDr ?mins TAO set
TSOL Cuckoos Nest June-1981 CDr ?mins - set
TSOL Whiskey A-Go-Go, Los Angeles 04-July-1981 CDr ?mins - set
TSOL Cuckoos Nest 08-Sept-1981 CDr 40 mins DAO set
TSOL T-Bird Rollerdome, Pico Rivera 20-Nov-1982 CDr ?mins TAO set
TSOL Godzillas (last show) 1983 CDr ?mins - set
TSOL Arizona 1983 CDr ?mins DAO set
TSOL Key Club, Hollywood, CA 08-June-1999 CDr ?mins TAO set
TSOL Warped Tour, Adams County Fairgrounds, Brighton, CO 9-July-2000 CDr 32mins DAO* set
TSOL "Disappear" studio basic tracks (no vocals) 12 July 2001 CDr ?mins DAO -
TSOL Graceland, Seattle, WA 13-Feb-2002 CDr 40mins DAO set
TSOL Inland Invasion 2, Blockbuster Pavillion, Devore, CA 14-Sept-2002 CDr 28mins DAO set


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