Guidelines and Key to Listings

1. ALWAYS USE DAO See Below or Ask if you don't know what this is!
2. Please send set lists/artwork if available.
3. If you send cases let me know otherwise I will probably use CD envelopes.
4. Please use Post It Notes on the disc or write on the envelope rather than the disc.
5. Let me know when you have sent and when you receive I will always do the same.
6. International trades - please always send by AIRMAIL. I DO !!!
7. All Shows are for trade ONLY I do NOT sell.
8. Shows still on TAPE or LP take a little while longer to prepare

Artist Location / Title Date Format Rating Length Recording Format Source/Comment Link To Setlist or Number Of Tracks
Name ie- Venue, City and/or Title Day-Month-Year CDr/Tape/LP etc A - Z in Mins - DAO / DAO* / TAO / n/a Audience / Soundboard / Broadcast etc Click to see Setlist if available

- DAO - No Gaps with clean track transition (includes those not on CDr or Demos or rare studio recordings)
- DAO* - No Gaps but track transition is noticable - usually caused when the recording has so called "sector boundary errors". These are caused when splitting the tracks from one single master-track with a sound editing program. In 90% of cases you will get clicks on tracks transitions. The best program I have found for tracksplitting is a very small but usefull utility called 'CDWav'. It NEVER goes wrong, because it is only designed for tracksplitting. Wherever you decide to make a track-split, it will make it and you won't experience any errors. The transition will be smooth and natural.
- TAO - Clear Gaps between tracks

I am currently reviewing all my recordings to give a clear indication of recording format using the key above. If it has not been reviewed yet please ask.

Looking for upgrades of all shows in DAO* or TAO Recording Format.


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