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Hood Family History

John Hood married Elizabeth. John emigrated from Halsted, England to Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1630. He had a son named Richard Hood.

Richard Hood b. Lynn Regis, Norfolk County, England circa 1625. d. September 12th, 1695 Lynn, Massachusetts m. Mary Newhall.

They had 13 children:

i. Mary Hood m. Michel Derich

ii. Richard Hood b. November 18th, 1655 Lynn, Massachusetts

iii. Sara Hood b. August 2nd, 1657 Lynn, Massachusetts m. William Bassett Jr. October 25th, 1675

iv. Elizabeth Hood b. November 1658 Lynn, Massachusetts m. Thomas Farrar Jr. December 6th, 1682

v. Ruth Hood b. July 1660 Lynn, Massachusetts

vi. Rebecca Hood b. February 7th, 1662 Lynn, Massachusetts m. Hugh Alley December 9th, 1681

vii. John Hood b. May 7th, 1664 Lynn, Massachusetts

viii. Hanna Hood b. October 21st, 1665 Lynn, Massachusetts m. Edmond Needham March 15th, 1702

ix. Samuel Hood b. May 12th, 1667 Lynn, Massachusetts d. March 9th, 1749 m. Deborah

x. Nathaniel Hood b. June 9th, 1669 Lynn, Massachusetts d. October 30th, 1748 Topsfield, Massachusetts m. Joanna Dwinnell October 16th, 1706

xi. Anne Hood b. February 13th, 1672 Lynn, Massachusetts m. Samuel Breed February 5th, 1691

xii. Joseph Hood b. July 8th, 1674 Lynn, Massachusetts

xiii. Benjamin Hood b. Lynn, Massachusetts d. 1696

Nathaniel Hood, son of Richard and Mary Hood, married Joanna Dwinnell. Joanna was the daughter of Michael and Mary Dwinnell, French Huguenots who went to America from France after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685, and settled in Topsfield, Massachusetts. Nathaniel and Joanna were married October 16th, 1706.

Nathaniel and Joanna Hood had 8 children:

i. Nathan Hood

ii. Nathaniel Hood b. Topsfield, Massachusetts d. June 8th, 1755 Topsfield, Massachusetts m. Abigail Potter November 13th, 1735

iii. Joseph Hood b. Topsfield, Massachusetts d. September 6th, 1745 Newport, Rhodes Island

iv. Susannah Hood b. 1714 Topsfield, Massachusetts d. January 14th, 1812 Sharon, Massachusetts m. Samuel Cummings November 7th, 1733

v. Amos Hood b. Topsfield, Massachusetts Lived in Biddeford, Me. Joined the church June 27th, 1742.

vi. Richard Hood b. Topsfield, Massachusetts d. 1751 m. Elizabeth Coy April 1st, 1747

vii. Marcy Hood b. December 12th, 1722 Topsfield, Massachusetts m. James Smith June 8th, 1742

viii. John Hood b. January 10th, 1724 Topsfield, Massachusetts

Nathaniel Hood, son of Nathaniel and Joanna Hood, married Abigail Potter of Ipswich, Massachusetts. Nathaniel and Abigail were married November 30, 1735.

Nathaniel and Abigail Hood had 8 children:

i. Samuel Hood b. 1737 d. January 4th, 1738

ii. Esther Hood b. May 20th, 1739

iii. Abigail Hood b. May 16th, 1741 Topsfield, Massachusetts d. New Brunswick m. Stephen Hovey july 18th, 1761

iv. Sarah Hood b. 1743 m. Alexander Tapley December 9th, 1762

v. Susannah Hood b. October 27th, 1745 d. New Brunswick m. Israel Kenney June 9th, 1763

vi. Huldah Hood d. February 1st, 1749 infant

vii. Infant d. March 4th, 1750

viii. Infant d. November 17th, 1751

Children of Israel and Susannah Kenney:

i. Deborah Kenney b. January 30th, 1764 Massachusetts m. Benen Foster May 20th, 1782 d. April 13th, 1852

Deborah Kenney was born January 30th, 1764 and died in Wakefield, NB April 13th, 1852. She married Benen Foster May 20th, 1782 in the Parish of Maugerville, NB. Benen Foster was born November 14th, 1760 in Searborough, Maine. He died October 13th, 1839 in Wakefield, NB. He was the son of Isaiah and Lydia (Fogg) Foster. Benen served in the Massachusetts Militia during the American Revolution and took part in the march against Saint John when Fort Frederick was burned.

Benen and Deborah Foster had 12 children:

1. Lois Foster b. April 21st, 1783 m. Lemuel Churchill

2. Lydia Foster b. July 15th, 1785 m. Advardus Shaw

3. Mary Foster

4. James Foster m. (1st) Mary Burtt (2nd) Lavinia Mudgett

5. Benen Foster b. September 20th, 1794 m. Isabella Bliss

6. Susannah Foster b. September 20th, 1794 m. Enoch Gallop

7. Israel Foster b. August 14th, 1796

8. Gideon Foster b. August 20th, 1798

9. Elizabeth Foster b. September 19th, 1800 m. Israel Kenney

10. Jeptha Foster b. January 22nd, 1803 m. Aseanth Ann Hovey

11. John Moses Foster b. May 7th, 1805 m. Sarah Smith Wheeler

12. Aaron Foster b. December 15th, 1809

ii. Sarah Kenney m. Richard Kimball

Their children:

1. Samuel Kimball m. Unknown Crawford

2. William Kimball

3. Richard Kimball m. Frances Kenney

iii. Stephen Kenney b. 1771 NB d. May 3rd, 1837 m. Merab Ives September 18th, 1791

Stephen and Merab Kenney had 12 children:

1. Israel Kenney m. Elizabeth Foster

2. Stephen Kenney m. Sarah Adams

3. Daniel Kenney m. Elizabeth Churchill

4. John Kenney m. Sarah Crabtree

5. Josiah Kenney m. Marinda Winship

6. James Kenney m. Ann Crabtree

7. Elijah Kenney

8. Ruth Kenney m. James Whitney

9. Esther Kenney m. William Johnston

10. Abigail Kenney m. Nathaniel Belyea

11. Eunice Kenney m. Edward Green

12. Susan Kenney m. Thomas Kenney

iv. Israel Kenney b. Maugerville d. Oromoncto, NB m. Abigail Cram March 6th, 1793
Israel Kenney married Abigail Cram of Boston, Massachusetts. She was born in 1777. Their children are:

1. Israel Kenney m. (1st) Mary Tracy (2nd) Jane Everett DeGrasse

2. James Kenney m. Anice Chapman

3. Susan Kenney m. Samuel Havens

4. Annie Kenney m. James Drake

5. Betsy Kenney m. (1st) Murray Boone (2nd) James Nelson (3rd) Ben Havelon

v. Nathaniel Kenney b. Maugerville, NB m. Elizabeth Mills July 18th, 1794

Children of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Kenney:

1. Nathaniel Kenney m. Thorne

2. Harriet Kenney m. Simeon Williams

3. Susan Kenney m. Seward Dyke

4. Eliza Kenney m. Mcininch

5. Maria Kenney m. McFarlane

6. Frances Kenney m. Richard Kimball

7. Sarah Kenney m. Joseph Barnes

8. Mary Kenney m. William Scoullar

9. Asa Kenney m. Martha Shannon

vi. Susan Kenney b. New Brunswick m. Elisha Shaw July 6th, 1793

Children of Susan and Elisha Shaw:

1. Nathaniel Shaw m. Phoebe Ackerson

2. Elijah Shaw m. Nancy Ackerson

3. John Shaw m. Hannah Gallop

4. Lavinia Shaw m. Seth Sipprell

5. Elisha Shaw m. Ann Phillips

6. Jesse Shaw m. Nancy Ann McGee

7. James Shaw m. Deborah Gallop

8. Mariah Shaw m. James Dickerson

9. Susan Shaw m. McGee

10. William Shaw m. (1st) Sally Boyer (2nd) Hannah Snow (3rd) Frances Phillips

11. Phoebe Shaw m. John Clark

12. Rhoda Shaw m. George McGee

vii. John Kenney b. 1778 Oromoncto, NB d. February 17th, 1856 Greensfield, NB m. Phoebe Tompkins
John Kenney married Phoebe Tompkins, daughter of Edmund and Eunice Tompkins. Their children are:

1. John Kenney m. Pricilla Guiggy

2. Edmund Kenney m. Fanny Holmes

3. Israel Kenney m. Elizabeth Rourke

4. Asa Kenney m. Hotham

5. Joseph Kenney m. Deborah Green

6. Susan Kenney m. Joseph Green

7. Elizabeth Kenney m. O’Neil

8. Eunice Kenney m. Green

9. Sarah Kenney m. John Hartsgrove

10. Temperance Kenney m. Charles Smith

11. Esther Kenney m. Green

12. Deborah Kenney m. Flannagan

viii. Elizabeth Kenney b. October 1780 Oromoncto, NB d. April 13th, 1864 Victoria, NB m. Charles E. Boyer February 26th, 1796
Children of Elizabeth and Charles Boyer:

1. John Boyer m. (1st) Ruth Partridge (2nd) Naomi Wheeler

2. Charles Boyer m. Elizabeth Tompkins

3. George Boyer m. Chloe Churchill

4. William Boyer m. Susannah Shaw

5. Edward Boyer

6. Asa Boyer

7. Moses Boyer m. Amelia Sophia Shaw

8. Victoria Boyer

9. Polly Boyer

10. Jane Boyer

ix. Eunice Kenney b. April 19th, 1782 d. 1859 Burford, Ontario m. Nathaniel Churchill 1797
Children of Eunice and Nathaniel Churchill are:

1. Nathaniel Churchill m. Jerusha Freeman

2. Jesse Churchill m. (1st) Phoebe Barlow (2nd) Mary Hart

3. Charles Churchill m. Mary J. Dunphy

4. Elizabeth Churchill m. Daniel Kenney

5. Isaiah Churchill m. Mary Freel

6. Rhoda Churchill m. John Schneider

7. Susannah Churchill m. Frederick John Whitfield

8. Israel Churchill m. Eliza Dunphy

9. Elias Churchill

10. Maria Churchill m. Thomas Gardner

11. Eunice Churchill

12. Richard Churchill m. (1st) Mary Taylor (2nd) Mahala Beal

x. Elijah Kenney b. New Brunswick d. 26 years of age

xi. Asa Kenney b. March 1785 NB d. July 22nd, 1856 m. Elizabeth Tompkins August 19th, 1808

Little is known of the early life of Asa Kenney. As he was a child of six years when his father died, leaving a family of fourteen children it is probable that Asa was thrown on his own resources at an early age. In the first decade of the 19th century Asa’s older siblings had married and were locating homes further up the Saint John River in Wakefield, Carleton County. Asa located on and improved a lot of 200 acres in that part of old Wakefield now known as the Parish of Brighton. Later he sold his claim and bought another lot. Asa married Elizabeth Tompkins, daughter of Edmund and Eunice Tompkins. Elizabeth was born in York County, NB in 1792 and died in Bristol, NB December 8th, 1842.

Children of Asa and Elizabeth Kenney are:

1. Deborah Kenney b. December 2nd, 1809 d. May 5th, 1897 m. David C. Bell

2. Temperance Kenney b. 1811 m. William Giberson

3. Nancy Kenney b. 1813 m. Thomas Hotham

4. Eliza Kenney m. Peter Gee

5. Austin Kenney b. June 4th, 1823 d. May 4th, 1921 m. Temperance Dyer

6. Katie Kenney d. 18 years old

7. Rhoda Kenney b. October 15th, 1828 d. m. John Donovan

8. Asa Kenney b. February 18th, 1835 d. July 19th, 1902 m. Martha Kenney

xii. Mary Kenney m. Sippell

xiii. Abigail Kenney b. May 19th, 1789 NB d. March 8th, 1885 m. Henry Shaw 1807

The children of Abigail and Henry Shaw are:

1. Lydia Shaw m. Stephen Britton

2. Advardus Shaw m. Phoebe McGee

3. Johnathan Shaw

4. Sophronia Shaw m. Henry Sipprell

5. Darius Shaw m. (1st) Elizabeth Burtt (2nd) Lydia Gallop (3rd) Rebecca Brownlow

6. Curziza Shaw

7. William Shaw m. Mary Ann Sempleman

8. Jane Shaw m. William Britton

9. Henry Shaw m. Marcella Merrill

10. Randolph Shaw m. (1st) Mary Parsons (2nd) Emma Marston

11. Abigail Shaw m. (1st) James Rockwell (2nd) Asa Robertson (3rd) Denis Hale

xiv. Andrew Kenney b. 1792 d. January 7th, 1869 Greenfield, NB m. Martha Webb February 22nd, 1815

The children of Andrew and Martha Kenney are:

1. Thomas Kenney m. Susan Kenney

2. Andrew Kenney m. Jane Kenney

3. Hadasa Kenney m. Sherman Tapley

4. Eunice Kenney m. Richardson Tracy

5. Rebecca Kenney m. Joclyn

6. Lavina Kenney m. James Kenney

7. Hannah Kenney m. Samuel Cogswell

8. Elizabeth Kenney m. John Mersereau

9. Richardson Kenney m. Matilda Caldwell

10. Martha Kenney m. James Trafford

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