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I'm Jeff Henke.
If you've landed on this site, it's because you've decided you want to know more about me. Through this website I hope to show you the facets of my life and why I'd be well-rounded team member to work with. Enjoy, and be well!


This link will bring you to a viewable version of the latest .PDF version of my professional resume. You can save it, print, tack it up on your bulletin board, send it to you friends, or use it for a place mat. Either way, I'm excited you took the chance to click.


I've been married since 2007. My wife Amanda and I were married in Las Vegas, Nevada in front of our closest friends and family. Since then; we have grown as a family, having two daughters--Eleanor, born March 2011, and Emmaline, born April 2014. During Covid quarantine, we added a dalmatian puppy named Finnegan.

Fancy Finn


I have been a professional graphic designer since I earned my BFA in 2000. At this page, you can see some of my featured projects.


I've been fishing since as long as I could hold a fishing rod.

My love for fishing was fostered first by my dad, and has carried through me and now down to my kids.

My first Musky

Here's a link to a photo of my father in law with a giant carp he caught last Summer. Funniest picture ever.

And below is a table of fish I have caught.

Saturday 8/19/20 8:00am 14" Minnetonka
Tuesday 8/21/20 9:15am 26" Minnetonka
Wednesday 9/3/20 8:00am 22" Bass Lake
Thursday 9/24/20 2:00pm 24" Round
Monday 9/28/20 11:30am 41" Minnetonka
Saturday 9/29/20 8:15pm 34" Mississipi River
Sunday 10/1/20 2:00pm 38" Mississippi River