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Welcome to the Jedi Estrogen Brigade, the home of the Jedi Reading Room, an archive for the some of the best fan fiction written. Fanfic archived here revolves around our favorite Jedi-Light or Dark-because, after all, when it comes to Jedi, who can choose just one?
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If you don't know that Star Wars (including characters, images, ideas, and places of George's imagination...) contained in this website are copyrighted to George Lucas and his film company then you must have been born on The Outer Rim. I don't claim any right to them, I have no money to defend myself in a lawsuit, I spent it all on going to see the movies.
All fan fiction is copyrighted to the authors stated, with additional disclaimers appended.

Some of the material contained in this archive is of a graphic sexual nature and should not be read by anyone under the legal age of consent in their own country. We cannot take responsibility for those who choose to disregard this notice. Ratings for individual stories have been appended in the story headers.

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What's New?

8-30-01 The latest in our Adult Archive-Special Delivery by Lanna C....get the ice water ready!

8-20-01 The J.E.B. is pleased to archive the latest from Obi the Kid! Check out Poltergeist, but leave the lights on...hehehe....

8-19-01 Tell Me A Story, A bedtime tale from Tatooine

8-14-01 New author added! Two by The Cheshire Cat, After All Is Said And Done and Everybody Hates Finals. Cat is awesomely funny!

8-13-01 New fiction by Sara. Nighttime Conversations. Slip into your silkiest jammies, girls, this one is good! *NC-17*

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