Tail Vanes

This collection of Parris-Dunn silkscreens was saved for the Nodaway Valley Historical Museum by M.O. Greiman who kept them after the wind charger section of the company was sold off to a company in Sioux City, about 1950.

Henry Ankeny of Clarinda told me that many radio companies gave a six-volt radio free, when they sold a windcharger. This accounts for so many different brand names. He says the chargers were all the very same.**

No silk screen for Parris-Dunn was found in this group. However, there is a blue print that shows the lettering, and this was used to re-create the lettering on the tail of the Parris-Dunn Windcharger displayed by N.V.H Museum.

These silk screens all show use and measure 12" X 24".

* Radio Companies

** Parris-Dunn also built chargers for MacLeods hardware stores in western Canada under the 'MacLeods Windmaster' name.

Patent Information

Parris-Dunn machines were manufactured under the following patents:

2,026,828... Wind Driven Generator Structure

2,048,732... Wind Wheel Generator

2,052,816... Wind Driven Generator Structure

2,094,917... Wind Driven Generator Structure

2,102,309 ... Wind Driven Generator Structure

2,140,152 ... Wind Driven Generator Structure

Text and drawings are available at the U.S. Patent Office and can be accessed and read on-line.

U.S. Patent Office
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