10 Commandments
Felix Manalo

Iglesia Ni Cristo Logo


HISTORY: The Iglesia ni Cristo Seal was made by an artist brethren that was commisioned by Brother Erano G. Manalo during the middle of 1960's. Since then (only in 1960's) the "seal" was used as the official logo of the Iglesia ni Cristo. The seal was made and used as an "identification" for the Iglesia ni Cristo.

EXPLANATION: There are no mystery in the Iglesia ni Cristo seal (official logo). The following are the explanation of each of the onjects in the seal:

Dove (Kalapati) - the Holy Spit that guides the Church (ang Espiritu na pumapatnubay sa Iglesia)

Torch (sulo) - light of salvation (ang ilaw ng kaligtasan)

Crown (Korona) - God that must reign in all (ang Diyos na dapat makapaghari sa lahat)

Scales (Timbangan) - God's righteousness in salvation (ang katuwiran ng Diyos sa pagliligtas)

Note: This is not a compass, take note of the two weights on each side.

Lamb (Kordero) - The Lord Jesus Christ, the owner of the Church (Ang Panginoong Jesucristo na Siyang may ari ng Iglesia)

Book and Scrolls (Aklat at mga balumbon) - the Bible or the Holy Scriptures (ang Biblia o ang Banal na Kasulatan)

The Triangle (tatsulok) - the three corners (ang tatlong sulok ng lupa): the Far East; the North (that Protestantism was the fulfillment); and the South (that Catholicism was the fulfillment)

Rays at Clouds - glory (kaluwalhatian)

The Colors: Green (faith), White (hope) and Red (love), the three great things written in I Cor. 13:13.

NOTE: (1) Not because there are similarities with the others, it follows that we copied from them. Just like the Temple of Solomon. Before the building of this temple, the neighboring pagan countries of Israel already have their temple for their gods, but it doesn't follows that Solomon copied from them. (2) a certain symbol have different meaning, depending on the interpretation of those who use it. For example, both the American flag and the Philippine flag used the stars, however, it has different meaning: for the American flag, the stars symbolized the 50 states of the United States. However, the Philippine flag used the stars to symbolized the three major islands of the country - Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Thus, the real meaning of the Iglesia ni Cristo logo (seal) is what the Iglesia ni Cristo interpret it.