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One of the most fortunate people on earth, I taught history on a secondary level for a total of forty-two years, quite without any original intent to do so.

I began teaching history in independent secondary schools in September,1958, at Wyoming Seminary, a co-educational boarding and day school in Kingston, Pennsylvania. I followed that with Saint Mary's Hall, a boarding and day school for young women in San Antonio, Texas, where I was also department head. For the final thirty-four years I was teaching at Emma Willard School, an independent secondary boarding and day school for young women in Troy, New York. I retired in June, 2000.

I began by teaching United States history on a twelfth grade level. I designed AP courses both in U.S. History and European. I then spread out to area studies. The passion of my last two decades has been world history.

I am currently active in the World History Association and the World Federalist Association, as well as a number of professional historical and teaching listservs. My wife and I both serve as volunteer docents at the museum in the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center here in Albuquerque.

I have listed to the right various links to find out more about me, should you care to. One of the links, "Courses", will take you to the pages for the courses which I taught in my last year, 1999-2000.

A Teacher's Life is a Hard Life.
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