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Welcome to our site, Java Keris, a site for keris enthusiast founded by the late Bambang Harsrinuksmo with the help of Aditya Wikrama. A Keris is a Javanese dagger. We provide this site to be your beginner's guide to keris. We will strive to keep the site up to date. We also have a mailing list of Java keris which is open for discussion about Keris.

Java Keris is part of Java Situs network. The network will also include Java Wayang and Java Pernik. Java Wayang will be a wayang site that discuss the character, art of wayang creation, and also the dalang ( sort of puppet master )and other wayang artists. Java Pernik will be about accessories or jewelry and everything that are Javanese origin.

Even the site is named Java Keris, the discussion of keris in the site won't be limited to Javanese Keris, but also Balinese, Madurese, Bugises, Bimans, Palembang, Riaus, and various other Indonesian Keris. Asian Keris, ie. Malaysia, Singapore,  and Brunei will also be discussed here.

Bambang Harsrinuksmo, whom acted as the host of Java Keris, was a writer of three encyclopaedias and at least six books about the Keris. He was not unfamiliar to Keris enthusiast. He once held the Secretary of Keris Fan Association (Pametriwiji) of Jakarta Branch (1983-1986). He organized Keris Expo at Jakarta in 1983, 1984, 1985, 1996, 2001 and in Bandar Sri Bagaran (Brunei Darussalam) in 1985. Keris lecturer since 1985, he is one of the Head of Damartaji (1995-now), and member of Expert Council of Lembaga Javanology.  He passed away at  12.55 pm, 11th Desember 2003 at the Indonesian Police Hospital at Kramat Jati. May God rest his soul.

Check out the latest news of his post humus release of Ensiklopedi Keris ( the Keris Encyclopedia on the last link on the left. 


Once again, welcome.


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