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Elizabethan Pincusions

This was my first attempt at Elizabethan style embroidery. The pattern and rayon threads are by Rajmahal.

"Renaissance" Colours and Design


"Rich" Colours and Design


I converted the two pin cushion designs into a sewing case, as I thought this would be more useful.


Tudor Flowers

My first cross stitch projects. Kits from Textile Heritage. The

Gillyflower Scissor Keep


Rose Purse


Rose Purse Open


Tudor Needlecase


Inside the needlecase. The blue fabric is felt. The felt lines the needlecase and is also used as a flap for the needles.


14th Century Wesphalian Counted Thread Bag


Started Jan 2003, completed March 2003. Made using 28 count evenweave linen and 2 strand silk thread.


Elizabethan Book Cover


This is the Elizabethan Bookcover . It took me about 2 months to do. That is working on it in one and two hour periods. March and April, 2003.


WCoB Presentation Piece - Badge

  This badge was made as an end of reign gift for outgoing King, Cornelius. It is a painted silk ground, with silk split stitch. I used a single strand of Maderia silk thread. Next time I am going with a filament silk with a bit more body. This was my first got at split stitch, I think it turned out pretty well. It's a good technique when you need to have alot of detail on a small piece. It took about 20 hours of work. The badge is about 10cm square. From what I hear the recipient liked it alot. Its nice when work is appreciated!

Tocal Tourney Pouch

This pouch was made for my local SCA group. The winner of the Tocal Token Tourney will keep all their tokens in this pouch. Made from red cotten velveteen, gold metallic thread and silk thread. The gold is couched down with yellow silk thread. This took about 8 hours to do the embroidery.

Largesse for Baroness


I made these scent bags (the bigger ones on linen) and pin cushions (Assisi work) to give to our first Baroness to distribute as largesse. The scent bags are filled with a mix based on a period pot pourri with rose pettles, cloves, cinnamon and orange oil. The patterns are taken from Richard Shorleykers' "A Schole-House for the Needle" printed in 1632. It is done in silk thread on linen ground using stem stitch.

The Assisi designs are also taken from period design books, done in silk on linen using cross stitch.


Crown and Wreath Panel - Lochac Royal Regalia

  This panel is for inclusion on the Lochac Royal Cloaks. This panel is worked on 17 count linen canvas using 4 strands of Maderia silk thread in half cross stitch. It took about 30-35 hours work to do the panel. Boring to work but effective when finished.

Assisi Cloth

  This is a competition piece for WCOB. It is a small voided work piece in the Assisi style. It was completed on 28 count white linen, using two strands of Eterna stranded silk using long armed cross stitch.


  This is the first part of my planned Elizabethan outfit. White dress weight linen done in stem stithc with 2 strands of black Maderia silk thread. I have started keeping proper time keeping records (due to hanging out in cross stitching blogs!) and this project took 39 hours for the embroidery and approx 1 hr for construction.

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