Joshua Peter M.Sc.Ph.D.

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Karnataka State, India

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Welcome to home page of Dr. Joshua Peter

Dr Peter did his Ph.D. in Human Cytogenetics from University of Bombay in the year 1978, (working at the Institute for Research in Reproduction (IRR) at present known as National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health (NIRRH), Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Mumbai. In the same year he was awarded the prestigious “Ford Foundation Fellowship” to visit the University of Hawaii, Honolulu, USA for Post-Doctoral studies. He had the honor and privilege of working with Prof. R Yanagimachi an internationally renowned Reproductive Biologist at the University of Hawaii, Honolulu, USA. During the coming years he also visited various centres to familiarize himself with In Vitro Fertilization Embryo Transfer (IVF-ET)  & Intra Cytoplasmic Injection ICSI), Cryopreservation of gametes and Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD). To name a few, he visited pioneers in IVF/ICSI, Dr Alan De Cherney, University of Yale, USA, Prof. Van Steirteghem, University of Brussels, Belgium and Dr Peter Bromwitch, Midland Fertility Services, Burmingham, UK. He also visited Dr Avirachan Tharapel, University of Memphis, USA, in order to learn Prenatal diagnosis using Fluorescent In-situ Hybridization (FISH).   Besides, he presented papers in International Conferences at Boston, Berlin, and Vienna etc.

To date, he has had nearly twenty-five years of “hands on experience” in Human IVF. He is credited with having set up several IVF facilities, the “Country’s first” at IRR (ICMR), Mumbai and Gunasheela Institute of Research in Reproduction (GIRR), Bangalore, a pioneer institution in Karnataka state. Later, he was also a consultant at other IVF centres at Trivandrum, Coimbatore, Hyderabad etc in south India, and currently at the Assisted Reproduction Centre (ARC), KLES Hospital & Medical Research Centre, Belgaum, Karnataka. To date, he is credited with several hundred “test tube” babies.

His initial training was with no lesser a person than Prof H Sharat Chandra (Current Director, Centre For Human Genetics, ITPL, Bangalore) in Human Cytogenetics, which made it possible for him to publish several papers in International journals in Human Genetics on congenital malformation and infertility. He was a teacher participant in Indo-US workshop conducted by ICMR and was also a member of ICMR task force on contraceptive research. He has several peer-reviewed papers in reproductive biology as well. Today, with his immense experience in cell, tissue and embryo culture methodologies, he has utilized some of these technologies in studying different aspects in Reproductive Biology. His contribution in Andrology was recognized by World Health Organization (WHO) and was invited to be a consultant as one of the ten leading scientists in the world, to consult on the use of “Zona Free Hamster Oocyte Penetration Assay” in screening male infertility, which was published in International Journal of Andrology, (Supplementum 6, 1986). The out come of this was the “WHO Laboratory Manual for the Examination of Human Semen and Sperm-Cervical Mucus Interaction” 1987.

His current interest is Embryonic Stem Cell (ESC) research and Pre-implantation Genetics. He is keen in Training and offering courses in Human Reproductive Tehniques.  He was a Ph.D guide and guided students for Ph.D. degree at the University of Bombay and Bangalore University. Currently, he is a recognized Ph.D. guide in Human Genetics under Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore.

Dr J Peter with Dr J Menezes, Dr K Zaveri, Dr Stephen Boyers,        Dr Indira Hinduja & Susan at Yale University, Connecticut.

Dr J Peter with Dr David Katz & Prof. R Yanagimachi at University of Hawaii, Honolulu.

Dr J Peter with Dr Avirachan Tharapel & Prof. H Sharath Chandra at Berlin

Dr Firoza Parikh, Dr J Peter, Dr. Van Steirteghem, Mr Hubert Joris & Dr Judith Menezes


Dr J Peter with Late Dr M C Chang

  Dr J Peter with Dr Georgeanna Jones






A1/1 JNMC Quarters, Nehru Nagar, Belgaum-590010

Karnataka state, INDIA

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Date of Birth:

January 1st, 1942


MSc-Bangalore University – 1967 (By paper)


Human Genetics

University of Bombay- 1978 (By Research)

Post Doctoral Studies:

Awarded Ford Foundation Fellowship 1978- 1979 

Worked at the University of Hawaii, Department of Anatomy

And Reproductive Biology, Honolulu, USA (Worked with renowned Biologist Prof. R. Yanagimachi on various aspects in animal reproduction)


WHO Temporary Adviser. Invited to participate in a

Workshop on Zona Free Hamster Oocyte Penetration Assay

At Boston, USA 1985.


 Visited several centres to familiarize in order to develop the following techniques.

Human Molecular Cytogenetics for prenatal diagnosis of genetic disorders particularly using Fluorescent In-Situ Hybridization (FISH) technique at The University of Tennessee, Memphis, USA- November 96

ICSI (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection) Techniques & Methods for preimplantation genetic diagnosis using FISH and PCR in Brussels, Belgium (AZVUB) – October 96

Cryopreservation techniques of human gametes at Vienna, Austria and  at Birmingham, UK – 1991

Assisted Reproduction Technology at The Yale University, New Haven, USA – 1985

Ford Foundation Fellowship for research in animal reproduction and In Vitro Fertilization techniques using animal models at the University of Hawaii, Honolulu, USA – 1978 – 79.


At Present

Consultant – Assisted Reproductive Technology and Human Genetics (ART & HG) , Assisted Reproduction Center, K L E S Hospital & Medical Research Centre, Nehru Nagar, Belgaum – 590 010, Karnataka State, India. Tel: 91 – 0831 – 473777 Extn. 1350

Scientific Director: Gunasheela Institute of Research in Reproduction (GIRR), Bangalore, India. 1988 – 97.


Reader: Center for Applied Genetics, Department of Zoology, Bangalore University, Bangalore, India. 1985 – 88.


Senior Research Officer: Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) Institute For Research In Reproduction (IRR), Parel, Mumbai, India. 1971 – 85.



1971 – 1985: Senior Research Officer. At the Institute for Research in Reproduction (Indian Council of Medical Research)

The Institute for Research in Reproduction is one of the Institutes of the Indian Council of Medical Research, Which is a Government of India undertaking under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Our priority area of research was on finding suitable and safe methods of contraceptives. Partly our work was also funded by WHO grants under which I had the honour of being a Temporary Consultant to a workshop in Boston, USA in order to arrive at consensus in developing certain techniques of sperm function. Earlier to this I also visited University of Hawaii, Honolulu, USA on Ford Foundation Fellowship to learn techniques to evaluate human sperm penetration capacity in golden hamster and mouse oocytes. All these techniques were essential to develop contraceptives.

Since I am basically a Cytogeneticist with vast experience in cell and tissue culture methodologies, a genetics department was established at the above Institute under the program of Maternal and Child Health. I took up projects under this to evaluate:

  1. Cytogenetics anomalies in congenital malformed newborn babies (a part of my Ph.D. dissertation).
  2. A multicentric study of clinical, biochemical and cytogenetics analysis on mentally retarded children (Published in Ind. Jr. of Med. Res. 79:384 1984.,  and in Hum. Genet. 58: 184-87. 1981)
  3. Male and female infertile individuals were cytogenetically evaluated as a part of Community Health Program of ICMR (Published in Ind. Jr. Med. Res. 78:53-58. 1983 and in Ind. Jr. Med. Res. 71 : 225-231. 1980.)  

I was a member of ICMR task force on “ Immunological control of Fertility – A contraceptive for Male”

Besides the above I have conducted several training courses in Human Cytogenetics, Andrology, and in Biology of Reproduction. Guided several students for MSc and PhD. degrees and have more than ten years of teaching experience in the above subjects. I was also a teacher participant in Indo-US workshop conducted by the ICMR. I have interacted with several International Scientists in order to exchange scientific knowledge of mutual interest.

1985 To Date: I was instrumental in setting up cytogenetics and ART facilities at the Institutions where I have worked. I have nearly 38 years of  “ hands on” experience in Cell and Tissue Culture with particular reference to prenatal diagnosis. During the past 20 years, my experience in Human Reproduction is with particular reference to embryology, andrology, endocrinology, crypreservation of gametes. I might add that I am credited with hundreds of live births by assisted reproduction techniques and published several peer-reviewed papers in national and international journals. My current interest is on preimplantation genetic diagnosis and stem cell research.  I am also on the teaching faculty at the KLES College of Nursing, Belgaum to teach Genetics to post graduate students.


Prof. H Sharat Chandra


Centre for Human Genetics

G-04, Tech Park Mall, ITPL

Whitefield Road, Bangalore 560 066, India

Phone : 080-51158592

Fax: 080-8412761


Prof. Avirachan T Tharapel

Director, Clinical and Molecular Cytogenetics Laboratory

College of Medicine, The University of Tennessee

711 Jefferson Ave, Room 523

Memphis, TN 38163

Tel: 001-901-448-6595


E-mail: [email protected].



Joshua Peter M.Sc., Ph.D.

No.5 III  Main

Cambridge Layout,

Ulsoor , Bangalore 560 008

Karnataka State, India

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Office :

Joshua Peter M.Sc., Ph. D.                                                                                                 

Consultant ART & HG                                    

K L E S Hospital & Medical Research Centre.

Karnataka India

Nehru Nagar, Belgaum-590 010

Tel: 091-0831-473777 Extn. 1350

Mobile: 9844049568

E-mail: [email protected]



Joshua Peter M.Sc., Ph. D

A1/1 J N Medical College Qrts

Nehru Nagar Belgaum-590 010


Papers co-authored & presented – National Conferences

Cytogenetic anomalies in primary amenorrhoea. 6th Annual Conference of the                   Association of Medical Women in India, Bombay. 1979

Berberine Hydrochloride for Bright Fluorescence of Y chromosome. 5th Annual Conference of Indian Society of Human Genetics. 1978

A case of XXX Male 5th Annual Conference of Indian Society of Human Genetics. 1978

Partial trisomy and monosomy for short arm of chromosome 5 in two sibs and balanced translocation carrier father. 5th Indian Conference of Human Genetics. 1978

Prenatal sex detection. 1st Asian Congress of Fertility and Sterility, Bombay. 1977.

Prenatal sex detection: Correlation of Nuclear, Phenotypic and Gonadal sex. 3rd Annual Conference of Indian Society of Human Genetics. 1976.

Aceto Orcein stain for banding human metaphase chromosome. 2nd Annual Conference of Human Genetics. 1975.

A quick staining technique to stain human metaphase chromosomes. Symposium on structural and functional aspects of chromosomes, Baba Atomic Research Centre, Bombay. 1975.

A 46, XY 17q-Syndrone. 1st Annual Conference Indian Society of Human Genetics, Bombay. 1974.

Papers co-authored & presented – International Conferences

Recovery rate and quality of oocyte in a GIFT/IVF program. Serono Symposium “Fertilization in Mammals” held in Boston USA. 1989

A modified technique for Human Sperm Chromosome analysis. 7th International Congress of Human Genetics, Berlin, Germany. 1986

The value of hamster oocyte penetration  (HOP) test in the assessment of male fertility. Indo-US workshop/symposium on preimplantation development of blastocyst, New Delhi, India. 1986.

Correlation of human sperm penetration into zona free hamster eggs and human eggs in vitro. 3rd International Congress of Andrology, Boston, USA 1985.

Sperm penetration Assay: Assessment of Male Fertility. 3rd International Congress of Andrology, Boston, USA. 1985.

Observation on the fertilizing potential of bonnet monkey spermatozoa using zona free hamster eggs. International Symposium on Primates, Jodhpur, India 1982.


Workshops-National and International

Training program in cryopreservation techniques. Vienna, Austria and at Birmingham, UK 1991

Human In Vitro Fertilization and Embryo transfer. Teacher participant – continuing Medical Education Program in Obstetrics & Gynaecology held at Bangalore. 1986

Preimplantation development of embryos. Teacher Participant –Indo-US workshop convened by ICMR 1986.

Zona free hamster oocyte penetration assay to diagnose male fertility. WHO temporary adviser- Boston, USA. 1985.

Problems involved in In Vitro Fertilization. Indian Association of Fertility & sterility, Bangalore, India. 1984

Blastocyst research. Teacher participant- convened by ICMR, Bangalore, India (Indo-US). 1983

Ovum implantation. Teacher participant- convened by ICMR, New Delhi, India (Indo-US). 1982. 


Publications authored / co-authored

Recent trends in treatment of male infertility. Joshua Peter, J Menezes & S Gunasheela. Proceedings of the EMD-96. Editor. K M Prasannakumar.

Successful birth after transfer of human preembryos washed with high concentration of a cephalosphorin antibiotic to eliminate bacterial contamination. J Peter, J Menezes & S Gunasheela. Jr. Obst. Gynec. 1996.

Recovery rate and quality of oocytes in a GIFT/IVF program. J Peter, J Menezes, JK Vasantha & S Gunsheela. Proceedings of the Serono Symposium on Fertilization in Mammals. Pg. 453. Editors: Barry D Bavister, Jim Cummins & Eduardo RS Roldan. 1990.

Detection of immunosuppressive early pregnancy factor in humans. A Mehta, J Menezes, J Peter, I Hinduja & S Shaani. Ind. J. Med. Res. 85: 37-45. 1987

Sperm penetration assay in the assessment of male infertility. J Peter, J Menezes & I Hinduja. Int. J. Androl. 56:88-96. 1986

Multiple causes of pregnancy failure in hamsters preciously ovulated by human chorionic gonadotropin. J Hoffman, R Yanagimachi, J Peter & V De Feo. Biol of Reprod. 33: 1147-1157. 1985.

Relationship between acrosome reaction and In Vitro Fertilization of zona free hamster eggs by bonnet monkey (Macaca Radiata) spermatozoa. J Peter, J Menezes & S Jayaraman. Arch. Androl. 13:177-180. 1985.

Instrument failure in In Vitro Fertilization. I Hinduja, J Menezes & J Peter. A case Report Jr. of In Vitro Fert. & Emb. Transfer. 2:108-9. 1985

Role of the vitellus in the block to polyspermy in golden hamster eggs. J Menezes & J Peter. Gamete Res.II: 305-309. 1985.

In Vitro Fertilization of human oocytes and Embryo transfer: An alternative to tubal recanalization. J Peter. ICMR Bulletin 14. 1984

Effect of superovulatory doses of pregnant mare serum gonadotropin and human chorionic gonadotropin on blastocyst implantation in golden hamsters. J Peter & J Menezes. J. Biosciences Supplement  6:75-82. 1984

Observation of the fertilizing potential of bonnet monkey spermatozoa using zona free hamster eggs. J Peter, S Jayaraman, J Menezes & V Dhanthi. Proceedings of the Internatinal Symposium on Current Primate Researches pp541-545. Editors. ML Roonwal, S M Mohnot & NS Rathore.

Clinical Biochemical and Cytogenetic studies in mental retardation. LM Ambani, ZM Patel, SS Dharehwar, DS Krishna Muthy, VR Moghe, VV Gokarn, J Peter, LP Shah & SM Merchant. Ind. Jr. med. Res. 79:384. 1984.

Chromosomal Anomalies in primary amenorrhoea. V Mulye, LM Ambani, M Shringi, J Peter & ND Motashaw. Ind. Jr. Med. Res. 1983.

Partial trisomy for long arm of 18 in a six month old child with multiple congenital anomalies. A case report. VV Gokaran , J Peter, ZM Patel & LM Ambani. Jr. of Assoc. Med. Women in India LXXIIII 1981

Cytogenetic studies in selected group of mentally retarded children. MV Kulkarni, ZM Patel,J Peter & LM Ambani. Hum.Genet. 58:184-187.1981

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Experience with amniocentesis in Bombay. SS Sheth, S Gogate, LM Ambani & J Peter. Medical Genetics in India Vol. 2 Aroma Enterprises pp31-33 Edotors:IC Verma & PK Puri 1978.

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Prenatal sex detection:Correlation of nuclear, phenotypic and gonadal sex. J Peter, LM Ambani, S Gogate, M Thate, A Dave & PK Devi. Ind. J. Ped. 14:687-689.1976

A staining technique to stain human metaphase chromosomes. J Peter & SS Rao. Procedings of the symposium on structural & functional aspects of chromosomes. BARC  Bombay, pp 101-104. 1975

Hot aceto orcein for staining  human chromosomes. J Peter. Jr.of Genet. 16:251.1974.

Clinical and laboratory studies on some variants of pure gonadal dysgenesis in XY pheotype females. S Prabhakar, J Peter & SN Ghosh. Proceedings of 17th World conference pp:823-824. American Elsev. Publication Co. Inc. NY 1973

Leukocyte culture for chromosome preparations using Eagle’s Minimum Essential Medium [MEM], Eagles Modified Medium (EM). And Eagles Basal Medium (BME) J Peter.  Ind. Jr. Med. Res. 59;1561-1564.1971

A 47, XXq-Y Klinefelter male. H Sharat Chandra, GN Reddy, J Peter & G Venkatachalaiah. Jr. Med. Genet. 80:30.1971.


Guest speaker

J Peter

Assisted Reproduction Technology in  infertile male : Genetic Concepts symposium on Technology in  Family Welfare, Organized by Health & family welfare, Govt. of India, New Delhi. December 8-10, 2001

J Peter

Genetics of male infertility

International Congress on Infertility & ART and Pre Congress Workshops. Organized by Indian Academy of Human Reproduction and SAMAD IVF, Samad  Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram , Kerala. October 4-6, 2002

Paper presentation:

J Peter, N S Patil & B R Desai

Observation of sperm zona interaction in vitro fertilization[IVF] National Conference on Recent Advances in Reproduction, Jaipur, Organized by Department of Zoology, University of Rajasthan, February 6-8, 2003

J Peter, N S Patil & B R Desai

Does multiple sperm attachment to zona influence blastocyst hatching? International Congress on Infertility, Mumbai. Organized by FOGSI November 14-16, 2003


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