International Revelation Tidings
School of Theology


About IRT School of Theology
The IRT School of Theology is under the IRT foundation.  This school was established as result of long term prayer of churchmen and congregation who desire a spiritual revival in this last days, which the aim is the reality of One Unity Body of Christ.

IRT School of Theology is for educating, preparing, and completing the servants of God to have godly character, heavenly position and hierarchy as well as God's calling and determination.  By wisdom and knowledge those servants of God will bring the church to the goals of worship, that is the reality of Spiritual Temple that same as Body of Christ (John 2:21).


IRT School of Theology runs the curriculum as ruled by Religion Department of Republic of Indonesia (No. 12 in 1992), added by local contents (e.g. Revelation Book, Tabernacle).

There are degree program and non-degree program in IRT School of Theology.  

  • Bible School (Certificate of Theology)
  • Diploma of Theology
  • Bachelor of Theology (S.Th.)
  • Master of Arts in Theology (M.A.)


The facilities are as follow:
  • Physical means: classroom, library, etc.
  • Natural environment: harmonious plantation and tweeting bird.
  • Qualified teachers in enough quantity.
  • Class tools.
  • Students pay no money for registration, study, etc.  They only need for writing tools and books.
  • Students pay no money for dormitory.
  • Students pay no money for meals, they only need for soap and health-care.

We just hope the willingness of the students to surrender to the Lord.


  • The school is widely open for everyone who want to become a servant of God.
  • The school is not for several denomination of church, it is interdenomination.
  • The applicant must pass the high school.
  • The applicant must fill the Registration Form and make an Expression Letter about the willingness to obey the school rule.
  • The students must live in dormitory.
  • The students who fail before complete the study must pay for the  scholarship they received.
These are the teachers of the school
  • Rev. DR. Paulus Tribrata Budiarjo, S.Th.
  • Rev. Drs. Thesndun Leo, M.Div.
  • Rev. Johanes Juni, S.PAK., M.Div.
  • Rev. P. Hutagalung, M.A.
  • Rev. Lili Benjamin, S.Th.
  • Rev. Samuel Bambang Yulianto, S.Th.
  • Rev. Yohanes Sugiarto, S.H.
  • Rev. Teofilus Gatot Sudiro HB., S.Th.
  • Rev. Timotius Sarmin KS., S.Th.
  • Rev. Yunias Sumadji Eko Handoyo, S.Th.
  • Rev. Joseph Christ Santo, S.Th.
  • Rev. Sri Endah Supianingsih, S.Th.
  • Rev. Hizkia Didid Tri Soesanto, S.Th.
  • Rev. Bagyo Rinegso, S.Th.
  • Rev. Yakobus Eddy Purwanto, S.Th.
  • Rev. Drs. Paulus Kristiyanto
  • Rev. Hari Subagijo, S.Th.
  • Rev. Debora Endang Susilastuti, S.Th.
  • Rev. Zarah Kristin Susilowati, S.Th.
  • Rev. Agus Eko Prasetyo, S.Th.
  • Rev. Yahya Wakum, S.Th.
  • Rev. Cornelius Rosman Hasibuan, S.Th.
  • Rev. Stevanus Murhartanto, S.Th.
  • Rev. Drs. Lukas Mulyono
  • Rev. Dra. Yemima Enok Suciani
  • Ev. Drs. Paulus Soembadji Iskandar
  • Ev. Mardi Purnama
  • Ev. Christina Martha Firmaningsih, S.H.
  • Capt. Djudju Suprapto
Education Activity
Rev. DR. Paulus Tribrata Br., S.Th. when teaches.
The classmate
Extra Curricular Activity
The school does not make experts of theology only, but fashions servants of God who is capable in everything.  So in their ministry, they can adapt in urban either in rural area.
This is the garden that the students work on their extra curricular.

The students plant the vegetable.

Harvest in the rice-field.

Orchid cultivation over the fishery pool.

The poultry in the stall

The flock in the stall

Sowing the young fish into the fishery-pool

Exercise of music.

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