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Ironclad Hotel est 1893
Marble Bar, Western Australia
Pic courtesy of Northwest Telegraph
The Ironclad Hotel was established in 1893 in Marble Bar in Western Australias Pilbara district.
Local Attractions

Deep in the middle of the Western Australian outback there is an oasis...
Where the beer flows cold, and the food tastes fine. Where a cool, clean room and a hearty breakfast can start your day just right. Where the folks all smile & like I said...the beer flows cold.

Like the legends of the meat pie, Ned Kelly, the Ettammogah Pub, the Black Stump & The Don, the Ironclad Hotel has earned it's place in Australian folklore as a true Aussie icon.

We are a family owned & operated hotel in the heart of Marble Bar, Western Australia. Whether you are passing through on business, backpacking or making your way around Australia, the Ironclad must not be missed. Come by & experience some country style hospitality.
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