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Name Keris: Pamor Badungan
Luk 3
Keriscase Silver layer in gold and Brore wood,
Keris length 37cm,
Keriscase length 54cm,
Hilt length 14cm,
Keriscase model Kandikan
Price US$.5600

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Dijual Keris
Nama Keris: Pamor Badungan
Luk 3
Sarung perak lapis emas
Sarung kayu Brore
Panjang besi 37cm
Panjang Sarung 54cm
Panjang Pati 14cm
Model Sarung Kandikan harga nego

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Keris | Kris Java Bali Lombok Indonesia

Description Keris as followings:
Keris is a kind of dagger which is used in a close range combat (senjata ruket). Keris has two kinds of shape: straight keris and meandering keris. There are approximately 200 kinds of straight Keris and 250 kinds of meandering Keris. The meander is called luk. Meandering Keris always has odd numbers of meander, from luk 3 up to luk 29, above luk 29 that is luk 31 up to luk 51 are the kriya artwork from outer Java Bali and Lombok island.


The Size of Keris
Keris has three kinds of measurement:
Pasikutan. It is called Pasikutan (sikut=elbow) if the length of the Keris, measured from the Ganja until the point of the Keris is as long as the length from the tip of human finger until the elbow.


Patrem. It is called patrem if the length of the keris, measured from the 'Ganja until the point of the Keris, is as long as the length of one span of adult human footstep.
Cundrik. It is called Cundrik if the length of the Keris, measured from the ganja until the point of the keris is as long as the length from the tip of human finger until the wrist. If it is shorter than the measurements above, it is called a talisman and if it is longer, it is called Keris Kalawijo/Palawijan


The Functions of Keris
Exotery Point of View. It will be explained on the and pamor page (the graphical pattern found on the blade of a keris).
Esotery Point of View. Basically Keris can be examined with six kinds of Methods:
Aspect. Dapur which are choosen: Luk 3, luk 5, luk 7, luk 9, luk 11, luk 13. Another dapur, straight dapur and the luk above luk 13 is versatile.
Luk 3 : mametri/pepeling = horisontal dedication (jangkung)
Luk 5 : for the science, teacher, conducting wayang(dalang), guru (pandawa)
Luk 7 : for honesty, lucky charm/tolak balak (dapur carubuk)
Luk 9 : for tranquility (panimbal, panji sekar)
Luk 11 : for wealth, nobility/mangku kamukten (sabuk inten)
Luk 13 : for power/ mangku panguoso (sengkelat)
Above luk 13 up until luk 29 is called Keris Palawijan/Kalawijo
Pamor aspect. Pamor can be divided into two kinds, according to the method of its creation :
Pamor Mlumah. It is for luck and tranquility. e.g. wos utah, bonang renteng, kulit semangka
Pamor Miring. It is for glory and e.g. bulu ayam, blarak sineret, banyu mili, kenongo ginubah, sekar mangar, sekar lampes, nogo rangsang, ambeg toyo, ganggeng kanyut.


Inclination Aspect. Every keris will move towards the inclination which refers to the points of the sun, moon star and earth.
The Sun (Surya) : for power and authority
The Moon (rembulan) : for good luck
The Star (Kartika) : For great expectation
The Earth (Bawana) : For tranquility


From the material of the Keris. The precise mixture of materials for the Keris will create a greater energy, for example the mixture of iron and titanium and nickel will be different from the mixture of iron and nickel only. In mixing the materials, pamor tiban and pamor rekan can be obtained. Pamor Tiban has more energy than pamor Rekan. A well-ranged composition of the materials will automatically gather energy since the carbon can absorb the energy of nature.
From the Empu/ the keris maker. The ability of the Empu in inducing his works will be determined by his other spiritual ability, and read more KERIS ARTICLE


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