Daily News on Al Persico 1/25/01

Don't forget Carmine's Birthday is August 8th

Carmine Persico

Prisoner #74666-158

USP LOMPOC 3901 Klein Blvd. Lompoc, CA 93436

Carmine on the Drums

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Lompoc Four's Greatest Hits

"Drop the soap, My Ass You Did"
"I swear It Wasn't Me, I'm Innocent"
"Where's My Vig?"
"Madon! Madon! Hey Whaddya gonna do!'
"Hey Warden, we asked for Broccoli Robb!"
"I'll give you a Whack you'll never forget"
"Do I stutter? Do I stutter? Do I stutter?"
"Hey Guard, this don't taste right to me"
"Up for Parole, I'm Bored"
"I got your Pardon right here pal"
It's been so long Bea Arthur looks good"

Lompoc Four Italian Salute Sinatra

featuring "One for My Baby" (I'll kill that bitch if she cheats on me)

"Got Life (I swear I didn't do it)"
"Lucky You Can Be The Lady Tonight"
"All the Way (out of my cell you friggin' fruit)"
"Nanci wit duh laughin'faci"
"New York, New York (who's runnin' it now)"
"Chicago" (their pizza sucks)
"Night and Day" (that's all we see)
"I Get A Kick Out Of You (now I'll shove my foot up your ass)"

Me and Jolie trying to convince
Carmine he'd make a terrific Joey. The warden wouldn't go for it though.

Carmen Persico or Carmine Persico? You be the Judge!

Carmine Persico minding his rose garden in prison yard at Lompoc
just minutes from the Pacific Ocean
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