96 Miles

by nANCI mEEK 1/11/00 (to the tune "Santa Catalina" )

96 miles across the sea
That's where immigration is waiting for me
Castro's gonna do his best to screw this up
For me For Me For Me For Me

96 miles across the sea
My mommy died so I could live a life that's free
My grandmothers and Castro are tugging on me
On me On Me On Me On Me

96 miles across the sea
And here comes that nun from the rectory
Even Bill Clinton wants to see that I'm free
I'm Free I'm Free I'm Free I'm Free

96 miles across the sea
News Reporters have their cameras pointed at me
Everyone says they want what's best for me
For me For Me For Me For Me

96 miles across the sea
Today I'll go to Disneyland and watch TV
I'm not in any hurry cause their spoiling me
Tv Tv Lots of TV

WARNING FROM AP WIRE/Posting Elian's Picture

Elian has gone back to Cuba but this is how most of you felt:

What Should Elian Do? Your Answers
What Should Elian Do?

Stay in US
Go back to CUBA
Star in Sitcom
Replace Janet Reno and kick Cuban butt
Become an MTV Vee-jay


More on Elian from Miami Herald

Bummer Trip

by nANCI mEEK (to theme from Gilligan's Island)

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale 
A tale of a bummer trip
That started when Elian's mom had to jump the ship
She tried to make the trip

The weather started getting rough
Cubans were tossed about
If not for the courage of a passing boat
Elian would be lost 
His family had been tossed

Before too long someone told the press
There soon would be a trial
With Elian
His grandmas too
Immigration's there to save his life
That Nun is there
Cigar in hand
Here's Castro and 
It's time for Elian's trial

So who are Elian's real friends
We all would like to know
Would Castro like to trade the boy 
For a ballplayer who can throw   

  Bob Denver's Web Page (really totally cool)
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