Dean Martin

Dat's Camorra

For music

by nANCI mEEK 6/91

(In Old Italy and down in Queens, when wiseguys meet here's what they sing....)

When a slug hits your eye while youse eat pizza pie

Dat's Camorra

When you walk down the street with the feds at your feet

Dat's Camorra

Wiseguys sing Bada Bada Bing- Money Laundering - Un Zac Un Nenda

Wiseguys scream "betta pay today, No it ain't OK" what youse owe on your betta (ay Goodfella)

When your tryin' to scheme agents know what your schemin' Senor AY!

They will see you won't keep all that dough that youse made on your Score AY

When the jobs that you do must be done by a CREW

Dat's Camorra

When you watcha your back while dose goods you hijack

Dat's Camorra

Rat's will sing- Bada Bada Bing- while your in Sing Sing

And you plan your Vendetta

Wiseguys play- with your girl all day- Whosa gonna pay

While youse sit there in Jaila (Ay Goodfella)

When your friends are all dead from a whack to the head

Dat's Camorra

And youse have Agida 'cause they shots your Goombah - It's finito

When your boss chokes on sauce - And he knows you've been screwin' his Misses.......

Scuze me, but youse see - It's your turn to go sleep wit da Fishes

Dat's Camorra!

I miss him everyday, he was so kind, so funny, so thoughtful, and a true friend. I'll never forget his funny looking birthmark.

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Nicole says bye bye

Dean's last house 812 Maple Drive

"the sweet street"


Westwood Memorial Cemetary

Sinatra sans hair. I think he looks better without it.


Improvisational Dinner Theatre

[Marilyn Monroe] [Sinatra] [

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