Who Whacked Uncle Vito?

by Nanci Meek

Comedy Italian Jewish

Murder Mystery

Wedding Funeral



You've seen the OTHER interactive dinner theatres like
Tony and Tina's wedding and Joey and Maria's nuptials
and Cousin Ted's funeral and Aunt Sophie's Gall Bladder
operation.  BUT you haven't been entertained until

More on Uncle Vito

Interested? Wanna talk business?

We perform "Who Whacked Uncle Vito?" 
all over the country.  Corporate parties!
Christmas Parties! Your niece Emily's
Surprise Bah Mitzvah? WHATEVER! You got the cash?
We will show up!


You'll laugh so hard you'll cry

  Audience Reactions:


I've seen all of those dinner theatre things BUT THIS ONE...THIS ONE IS THE BEST by far.
Vince Clavell  New York Tribune

more reactions........

I laughed and cried and almost wet my pants.  THIS is the most professional . - Liz Snow, New York Film Critic


Liz is right. I laughed so hard I DID wet my pants. But it was worth it.
The producers even reimbursed me for the Dry Cleaning.
Bob Advet   Columbia Bugle


Four out of Five FBI Agents recommend "Who Whacked Uncle Vito" to their Dentists

  It had everything. This ONE is THE best. The wedding, funeral, detective, EVERYTHING was hysterical. Especially seeing Liz pee her pants Benson Corrazo  National Review  
I haven't seen so many obnoxious stereotypes since "All In The Family" Every one is offended. Italians, Chinese, Pollacks, Jews, Africans
and Republicans. Unbelievable!

I don't know who to sue first!
Johnny Cochran  
Regis: Most popular interactive dinner theatre show to date:
A) Tony and Tina's Wedding
B) O'Leary's Funeral and Oyster Bar
C) Hymie's Bar Mitzvah
D) Joey and Maria's Italian Comedy Wedding
E) Who Whacked Uncle Vito

ANSWER: D) Who Whacked Uncle Vito  
I highly recommend show.
Very good for business.
Go see show! Then come
see me! -
Hop Sing Soft&Dry Cleaners   

Last year alone we booked 43 shows!
Not counting the 13 we did at Federal Correctional Institutions


Escorts Available

Our Director Studies the Script

Our Producers

Our Publicist





If you are not satisfied and want your money back after the show see Tony & Vinnie. They will refund you.

Wardrobe Designer from "Bed Bath and Beyond Sanity" Vincenzo "Chin" Gigante

Catering by Chef Sal Minella


I don't know no Vito.
I wasn't there. Why
do you keep asking me
what I think of who
whacked Vito when I don't
know no Vito?
- Jimmy Eyeballs

Wish I could see it! -J Gotti

Better than anything
I ever saw on Broadway!
When can I audition?

- Al Pacino

Who whacked Vito is
the talk of the prison
yard! Wish I knew who
did it, I'd whack him
- Butchie

Soon Yi and I loved it.
I recommended it to Mia.
She recommended a shrink.

- Woody Allen

What a hit! Who Whacked
Uncle Vito is profound,
absurd,a true delight!Can't
wait to see it again.

Sammy Gravano

This show was a HIT
at Lewisburg. A real
laugh riot. Now let's
see how it plays in
- Vinnie "papercut" Gangi

 Nanci  did a package for our class reunion and it was the   
     greatest time we ever had. 
              -   Joey Cusamano 
         We were so heartbroken about Uncle Vinnie passing on, but the
   comedy sketches/songparodies at the wake really lightened 
    things up. Thanks Nanci!
      - Rosemary Baffa  Buffalo, NY
     We wanted to tell our boss where to go and not get 
   fired, we hired Nanci to write an evenings worth of      
 song parodies and sketches for our Christmas Party.
  What  a blast! We're still laughing behind his back.  Nanci, you're the best! 
                              - Anthony Milano, Davie Florida
      Our  Uncle Url always had a sense of humour
     and the family   wanted to send him off with a 
    laugh so Nanci's song  parodies and 
    sketches specifically tailored to our family  
    were a delight! Aunt Estelle swears she saw him move 
    during the service. hA hA!
  Even Uncle Url was laughing!   
  od bless you Nanci! You halfa-shiksa!
                                 - Alan King New York City 


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