Ratt Poison is the nation’s only glam rock tribute band to capture the look, sound and attitude of the hard rocking 80’s.  Ratt Poison pay homage to the decade of decadence when guitars went to 11, rock stars were heroes, and hair bands made the world go round n round.  When music was all about fast cars, dangerous women, and having nothin’ but a good time.  Ratt Poison has over seventy cock rock classics in their repertoire to choose from, ranging from fist-pumping party anthems to tear-jerking power ballads.

The hair band scheme was originally conceived by guitar maestros Trixxi “Trixter” Trash and Alexxis Von Clerehexx (aka “Spandalex”) during a late night drinking session at the world famous Dallas Dancers Super Strip.  The two then set about finding not only the best players, but also the people who most closely embodied the unrepentant decadence and glamour of the hair metal era.  They enlisted the help of bassist Robbi Rokkit and drummer Spaz Stixx, with whom Alexxis had played with previously in a Bon Jovi tribute band. 

The road to finding a frontman for Ratt Poison had its share of problems but the dedicated musicians kept on pressing until they finally came across vocalist Al Stanley at legendary rock club Back In The Day.  When Trixxi, Alexxis, Spaz, Robbi, and Al came together, the magic was instantaneous and Ratt Poison was born. 

Ratt Poison provide a hair-raising live show which excites, stimulates and moves the audience.  All members of Ratt Poison are accomplished musicians, and their music and showmanship are equally matched by their strong image. These guys are prettier than your girlfriend! 

Armed with more makeup than your mother, hair that needs its own zoning permit, and pants that leave nothing to the imagination, Ratt Poison are as exciting to watch as they are to listen to.  Ratt Poison look the part even down to the genuine vintage 80’s clothing. Ratt Poison’s wardrobe consists of authentic glam rock attire that was actually worn by local hair bands in the 80’s. Ratt Poison also cop the individual stage moves of the legendary bands they imitate to perfection, the outgrowth of experience gleaned from innumerable hours of viewing 80’s concert footage.

So slide into some spandex, slather on the mascara, and dig out the industrial strength hair products, caus Ratt Poison are sweeping the glam nation.  When these big-haired pretty boys are in town, you’d better lock up your daughters, your sisters, and their makeup kits.


 SpaZ StiXXX
drums & backing vocals

TriXXi Trash
lead guitar &
backing vocals

Al Stanley
lead vocals
& guitar

Robbi RokkeT
bass guitar &
backing vocals

AleXus Van ClereheXXX
lead guitar & backing vocals


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