Long time no talk, huh? Sorry to all the good folks waiting for reviews but it has been another long stretch of rough times on the homefront, this time related to health problems my girlfriend has been suffering through since the first of the year. Thanks to all the friends who have sent words of support through these frustrating and trying days--they have been very appreciated. It really lets you know who your real people are.

On to business. Slowly but surely, I'm making my way through the review stacks. The first hunk that's done equals 24 reviews. You can view that as always by clicking on the reviews button in the navigation grid or by clicking
here. If your review isn't in this batch, it's coming as soon as I can muster it. Again, sorry for the delays but they've been unavoidable.

Also posted is the first new column in awhile--an after the fact diary of last year's Gonerfest II. This was written last year for inclusion in a magazine but I'm just getting around to posting it. Haven't heard anything on that mag in awhile, but you can still check out the piece

In a lot of other ways, things have been going great. There is enough material for several new demos of each of my established projects--
Tremble Saith Thy Master, Danrro, Uncle Dan, and The Arkansas Cab-Over Underdog. New bands include Douchenozzle and a glitter/glam outfit yet to be named. When I finally get caught up on site work, I will immediately get back to finishing up the long delayed Vermilion Deserts of Mars demo. Some serious new gear upgrades should make a big difference in the way these recordings turn out from now on (special thanks to those who've hired me for writing assignments over the last little while--none of those scores would've been possible without the gigs you provided). To boot, my girlfriend Melinda will be playing drums on all my stuff from now on but I will be reverting back to the drum machine until she is physically able to play. A split has been proposed for some time down the line and if those of you who really know me knew who it was with, you'd be freaking out--all in due time.

It has been a really weird time this last little while--incredibly happy and wonderful highs with some brutally deflating lows. Still,
Uncle Dan's House of Smut isn't packing up the tent. I'm more dissatisfied than ever with the lack of quality, thoughtful reviews out there and am going to keep doing my part to support killer music through these writings. This has always been an in-it-for-the-long-haul spot and that's not changing.

Thanks once more to all of you who have been, and will continue to keep, hanging in there with me. As always, if you like what you read or hear, please pass it along to a friend--let's help these bands out! Until next time, remember, you're always welcome at
Uncle Dan's House of Smut!


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