Royalty Among Us
The book Royalty Among Us is a history of the Skaggs, Foster and Allied Families on the Western Frontier which at that time was Greenbrier County, now Monroe County, WV.  The Skaggs family dates back to the 1600's and the Foster family dates back to 345 a.d. and  are of the Royal Lines.  The Skaggs and Foster families settled on Wolf Creek,  Monroe County, Va.

The Skaggs Family History is based on family records and research conducted by individuals over a 60 year tie period.  We have tried to extend our research to cover both the male and female lines, and each family is represented in this history according to information available at the time.

The primary source of the Skaggs History was taken from bible records, family records, church records, court house records, such as births, deaths, marriage license or bonds, deeds, and census records.  Also from printed books, pamphlets and records from the Cultural and History Arcives in Charleston, WV, Virginia Archives in Richmond, Va., Roanoke, Virginia Library, historical collections, Virginia Tech Library, Mormon Church Records, Pennsylvania Library, Maryland Court Records, family records, libraries and court house records throughout West Virginia, Virginia and Maryland.

The Foster Family covers all of the Royal Lines, through numerous Kings,  and Queens, the early Foster lines in Virginia and when they migrated into Monroe  County.
It also covers numerous allied lines of both the Skaggs and Foster Families.

Approximately 380 pages and is indexed. 
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