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- Semi-rigid 25 Ohm (Microcoax UT090-25-TP is available at my store www.rf-modules.com (June 30, 2009)
- Our AIO Board is out of stock, but will available 1 week after payment (May 23, 2009)
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- Updated FM Pallet 300 W Manual (May 06, 2009)
- Add new project FM Pallet 300W Manual (May 01,2009)
- Updated the datasheet ALL-IN-One Datasheet
- Updated the manual ALL-IN-One Datasheet

Balun 1:4 for FM Band available at www.henryelectronics.com

My Project List

Here's my AIO Project in Action Click Here or see the video on youtube Click Here

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Available our blue print design:
1. ALL IN ONE EXCITER Design Completed Design with HEX Code
2. FM AMPLIFIER MODULE 150 WATTS Completed Design
3. FM AMPLIFIER MODULE 300 WATTS Completed Design
4. FM AMPLIFIER PALLET 300 Watts Completed Design
5. FM 1 WATT PLL EXCITER PLUS Completed Design with HEX Code

1. FM PLL Transmitter Max Pro 1
This is FM PLL Transmitter with freq 88-108 Mhz range, You can download all tools to build it. The microcontroller is PIC16F628A.
It's use three buttons to change and set the menu, here's the menu display

This is startup display, will count until 100%

First display you can see freq in Mhz and lock condition

Press menu and up/down to change step size, can change from 50,100, 150, 200, 250 ....... 1000 Khz

Set lower limit, press menu 2 times and up/down to change the limit. I test with lower frequency to 84 Mhz and it abble to lock without any change to oscillator coil.

Set high limit, press menu 3 times and up/down to change the limit. I test with higher frequency to 112 Mhz and it abble to lock without any change to oscillator coil.

To see pll status (lock and unlocked condition), press menu 4 times

In Action can Lock in 117.90 Mhz with no problem

Schematic in PDF Format, please right click and choose save as
PCB All Layers in PDF Format, please right click and choose save as
PCB Top Layer in PDF Format, please right click and choose save as
PCB Bottom Layer in PDF Format, please right click and choose save as
Hex Code, this is hex code for pic16f628A
Hex Code, this is hex code with no delay, this is for simulation purpose. If you want to simulate with osonsoft. Don't use this code for real device

Images of MaxPro 1 in Zip files

What i'm offer for this project?

I'm offer for best price for one pcs pcb + one pcs TSA5511 for US $ 12(Out Off Stock). For other components for this project, please buy directly from my store at www.henryelectronics.com
If you want buy PIC16F628A for this project, i can pre-programmed with hex code for free.

Any question please drop your email [email protected], i will happy to answer it. Or give me a call at +62-765-7018201

2. FM AMPLIFIER 150 WATTS / BW AMPLIFIER 150 WATTS based SD1407 Transistor

This amplifier is design by Broadcast Warehouse, i redraw schematic and redesign the pcb, hope you happy with it and please send me the photo if you have to build it.

Here's the photo was sent by Derrick from London, He was built the amplifier

Please right click to save as to your local drive, if you have problem to display pdf format on your browser

Download Schematic and PCB layout


3. FM Stereo PLL Transmitter Based BH1415F IC

This is FM PLL Stereo based BH1415F IC from Rohm, it's has built in PLL and Stereo Encoder. You can download the schematic, pcb layout and Hex code. The menu on display is look like for MaxPro 1, the different is this have step 100Khz, 200Khz,.....1000Khz and have Mode menu (stereo/mono).

In Action, LCD Display can solder directly on the bottom


Schematic in PDF Format
PCB Layout - All Layer
PCB Layout - Top Layer
PCB Layout - Bottom Layer
Hex Code

What i'm offer for this project

You can buy all components for this project, please visit my store at www.henryelectronics.com or email me at [email protected] for any question

I've best offer for this kit (assembled and tested), it's limited so hurry to get one. You can buy for US $ 22 or Rp. 200.000,-(Out Off Stock)

4. ALL IN ONE Broadcast Warehouse.

Download Datasheet ALL-IN-One in pdf format

Download Manual ALL-IN-One in Pdf Format

5.TV UHF PLL Transmitter

Please click here to visit this project. For new design please please download the technical guide with following URL

This product will available soon!


6. 2 Metre Broadband Amplifier Based 2SC2630 No Tune Design

Download Schematic

Download PCB Layout

Download PCB TOP Layer


Nilai komponen yang tertera pada skema untuk frekuensi 136 Mhz - 154 Mhz, Untuk Frekuensi 154 Mhz - 174 Mhz Lihat tabel dibawah ini






















154-174MHZ 51PF 51PF 390PF 220PF 180PF 180PF 180PF 120PF 22PF 120PF
88 - 108 MHZ 100PF 100PF 680PF 470PF 330PF 330PF 330PF 120PF 33PF 150PF

Resistor pada input dan output adalah resistor seri dengan nilai total 100 Ohm, Jika mempunyai resistor dengan daya 40 watts cukup menggunakan satu buah saja tanpa harus diseri


7. FM Amplifier 100 watts Broadband Design no-tune

Download Schematic and PCB Layout

8. FM Pallet 300 watts

The Starter KIT for this project now available at www.henryelectronics.com. The starter kit contains following items:
- 1 pcs Bottom PCB
- 1 pcs Middle PCB
- 1 pcs Top PCB

The datasheet, schematic and step by step to building project can be download through 4shared website


Downloads List:
- Manual and Schematic PALLET 300W Click here
- Manual and Schematic BW PLL Plus, Click here
- Firmware and PCB Design PLL Plus Click here
- Manual and Schematic BW 150W module Clieck here
- Design PCB BW150 in Protel Click here
- Manual and Schematic BW 300W module Click here
- Design PCB BW300 in Protel Click here
- AIO Manual and Schematic Click here
- AIO PCB Design and Schematic in Protel format Click here
- AIO Firmware and TXcontrol (in Visual Basic) Source Click here

NOTE: Some files is password protected cause it's not free. To get password please email me

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