Henri Matisse Art Gallery

Photos of Matisse:

An actual photo of Matisse in his wheelchair

Another photo of Matisse

A third photo of Matisse

Matisse, with a model, Nice, 1928

Matisse with his students, 1910

Matisse drawing a medallion of the Virgin and Child for the chapel at Vence, France

A photo of Matisse working in bed

Matisse's Studio 1. On the walls are "Amphitriste," "Composition," "Black and Red," "Composition with Red Cross," and "The Bird and the Shark."

Matisse's Studio 2. "Women and Monkeys" is over the door; through the door is "Acrobats" and "Rose Chasuble."

A drawing of Matisse

Sketch of Matisse by Picasso

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