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Sainte Veronique

Sculptures -- Back I, II, III, IV

Seated Dancer
1942. Museum of Modern Art in the City of Paris.

Seated Figure in Tan Room

Seated figure, Tan Room--a larger image than the one listed before

Seated Nude

Self Portrait

La Serpentine

The Sheaf

The Snail (L'Escargot)
1953, Gouache on cut and pasted paper. Tate Gallery, London.

The Sorrow of the King

Spanish Still Life Thanks for the correct title Johan!

Spanish Woman with a Tamborine, 1909

Still Life in the Studio, Nice

Still Life with Apples
1897, Oil on canvas. Private collection.

Still Life with Apples on a Pink Cloth, 1925

Still Life with Aubergines, 1911

Still Life with Large Copper Vase
1915-1916. Private collection.

Still Life with Magnolia
1941, Oil on canvas. National Museum of Modern Art, Paris.

Still Life with a Pewter Jug and Pink Statuette Thanks Johan!

Still Life with Pineapples (Vase of Anemones)

Still Life with Pomegranates
1947, Oil on canvas. Matisse Museum, Nice.

Still Life with Red Carpet
1906, Oil on canvas. Museum of Painting and Sculpture, Grenoble.

Still Life with Sleeping Woman
National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

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