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Happy Dale School, located in Nazimabad#4, Karachi, Pakistan, has a rich history. Founded in 1952 by Miss Amna Begum Mumtaz, it has been an integral part of many students' lives. However, its journey hasn't been without challenges.

During the government of Bhutto in 1972, the school was nationalized, which led to significant difficulties in management. But resilience prevailed. Mr. Anis Hamdani Zuberi and his colleagues stepped up to the plate. They negotiated with the provincial government to restore the school's previous status. Their efforts bore fruit, and they successfully adopted the school.

To formalize their commitment, they established a non-profit organization. Now, the management is being transferred to this dedicated group. It's heartwarming to see individuals come together to preserve the legacy of an educational institution that has touched the lives of so many.

Memories of Happy Dale School continue to resonate with those who walked its halls, from the golden era of school life to the challenges faced and overcome by passionate individuals like Mr. Anis Hamdani Zuberi and his team.

The founders' services are honored, and the Happy Dale School Alumni Foundation wishes them continued prosperity.

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One purpose. One mission. One dream.

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