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Current Issue:
Journal of Thelemic Studies Vol.1 No.1
Autumn 2007, C.E.

56 pg.

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Table of Contents
Introduction by the Editor
The Ethics of Thelema by Erwin Hessle
“Temptress” by Gerald del Campo
Transformations of Inspiration by J. Ash Bowie

Thelema & Buddhism by IAO 131
*Part 1: A Brief History of the Dhammapada
*Part 2: A Brief History of Liber AL vel Legis & the Tradition of Thelema
*Part 3: The Influence of Buddhism on Aleister Crowley
*Part 4: Liber AL’s View of Buddhism

“Death Rides the Camel of Initiation” by Layla
Sermon on the Nepios by T Polyphilus
Ethics in Love by Gerald del Campo

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