Ben Cramer

Zai zai zai zai

|: |: Zai zai zai zai :| :|

Happy days we'll meet again, I know the place, I know the way
Wait for me and you will see the old and Roman holiday
Look around the Roman airport for that lucky, lucky guy
It could be you see the flowers, darling listen please and try -- just believe:

One and one makes two, those one and one are you and me
Let it, let it, let it, oh please let it always be
One and one makes two, there is no more we have to know
Simply as the word we use to stand and say hello


All the dreams are getting better, getting better all the time
Since the first beloved letter, since the day I called you mine
Love is love, amore, amore, do you know dear what I mean?
Yes I really do adore that Roman jewel I like to see -- understand:


Bridge (bis)


Bridge (fade)

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