Sylvia Vrethammar

Y viva España

All the ladies fell for Rudolph Valentino
He had a beano back in those balmy days
He knew every  time you meet an icy creature
You've got to teach her hot blooded latin ways
But even Rudy would have felt the strain
Of making smooth advances in the rain

Oh this year I'm off to Sunny Spain, y viva España
I'm taking the Costa Brava plane, y viva España
If you'd like to chat a matador, in some cool cabana
And meet señoritas by the score, España por favor

Quite by chance to hot romance I found the answer
Flamenco dancers are by far the finest bet
There was one who whispered oh hasta la vista
Each time I kissed him behind the castanette
He rattled his maracas close to me
In no time I was trembling at the knee


When they first arrive the girls are pink and pasty
but oh so tasty as soon as they go brown
I guess they know ev'ry fellow will be queuing
to do the wooing his girlfriend won't allow
but every dog must have his lucky day
that's why I've learnt the way to shout: ol�


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