Nana Mouskouri

Your love, my love

In a world as changeable as skies above,
where the eagle all too often overtakes the dove,
there is one thing in this life we can be certain of:
your love, my love.

Nation fights with nation every day somewhere
But through every situation we will not dispair
For we know that our salvation is the gift we share:
your love, my love.

Lock me, desert me, I'll get by, love, now you're my love
Nothing can hurt me now I'm sure of your love.

When our castles crumble, when our dreams take flight
and we sometimes find it hard to face the morning light,
there is one thing that will see us through the darkest night:
Your love, my love.

I will never fear what fate may have in store
For with every passing year I love you more and more,
and as long as I'm alive, I will be living for
your love, my love.


In a world where peace and harmony are strange,
and whatever dreams our destiny may rearrange,
there is one thing on this earth that time will never change:
|: your love, my love :|

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