Jack Lucien - You're leaving me

Jack Lucien

You're leaving me (Audio)

You showed me the way to reach the moon, 
but all too soon, 
the sky turned dark and empty and I cannot see 
You're leaving me.

Lonely I wake up and think of you 
What can I do? 
Those arms that hold you tight are now no longer free 
You're leaving me. 

All the tender words you whisper to me only, 
your sweet embrace, well they're all lies 
I'm drowning in the see, so why not come and save me?
I cannot bear you're leaving me 
|: you're leaving me :|

Don't you see the sky don't shine above
without your love
My pain is deeper, endless like the open sea 
You're leaving me.

Memories are seeping through my mind
of the happy time 
I've never dreamt I'd think of wanting love for free 
You're leaving me.

Chorus (bis)

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