Peter Kent - You're all I need

Peter Kent

You're all I need (Video)

I could never let you go
Even though I told you so
It's so hard to decide, what can I do?
Every time that I walk away
I think that I'll be bound to stay
Each step that I take I need one to make
a way right back to you

You're all I need, I feel it deep inside
So many times of times to let you go
You're all need to keep me satisfied
I'll stay right by your side forever more

Only you can understand
what it takes to hold your hands
Not to ever let go
'cause your heart says no
If leaving you makes me strong
It's not gonna last too long
I'm in a terrible stage, I don't want to wait
I just gonna let you know


I need just one reason to make in through the seasons
There's no one to even the love and joy you bring


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