Ricky Nelson

Young world (Video*) (Audio)

It's a young world
When you're in love, you're in a young world
So take my hand and let me show you
just how true young love can be, oh oh!

It's a young world
And if you'll tell me you're my one girl,
you make my whole life worth living,
just by giving your love to me.



All of the world is a treasure,
when you have someone to care
Promise me your love forever
We'll have a whole world to share.

And it's a young world
When you're in love, you' re in a young world
If you believe what I've told you,
let me hold you, say you love me!

dal $egno al fine*


|: It's a young world, oh oh oh :|

*Beim verlinkten Videoclip entfällt das d.$.a.f.; genauer gesagt wird nach dem Instrumental direkt zum d.$.a.f. gesprungen; man erkennt deutlich den Schnitt bei 00:56

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