William Tong

You must be nice to W.

(As sung by Attorney General John Ashcroft ;-)

You must be nice to W
We're watching the things you say and do
If you're not nice to Bush each day
You're gonna piss me off every way
Because I've got the notion
Those who cause commotion are a**holes.

Bush's monarchy... is rollin' like a wheel.
If you don't wanna serve a lifetime...
You'd better shape up, boys and girls.
And if you call me names...
I'll prepare a room, where they'll be reamin'
All of the slime who don't like W.



Gonna clamp things down...
My cops will pick you up, if you plead and carry on...
'Cause little things mean a plot.
I don't need no orders to spy on...
I'll just increase the pain... and cleanse away your brain.
For those who have a lot to say.

Chorus (bis)

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