Alma Cogan

You, me and us (Audio)

You, me and us, we are my favourite people
We all go together like peaches and cream
or bells with a church and a steeple.

Some people I know, I'm fond of and so
All day I keep singing about them
For one of them's you and, darling, it's true
I find that I can't live without them.


The stars were as bright as diamonds the night
we met and we danced and we flirted
With one look at you, my dream had come true
And nothing will ever divert it.


Now, outside of town we all settled down
Our place isn't big, but it's cosy
I know that you're mine, and ev'rything's fine
Our future forever is rosy.


Yes, we all go together like peaches and cream,
you, me and us!

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