Dusty Springfield

You can have him (Video)

Well, you can have him, I don't want him
He didn't love me [anyhow/*anyway]
He only wanted somebody to play with
But all I wanted was love to stay.

Well, if you marry and he quits you,
there's only one thing you can do:
You gotta dig a hole and jump right in it,
and pull the ground right over you.


The man I loved, well, he up and left me
He ran away with my best friend
Just dug a hole and jumped right in it,
and pulled the ground right over me.

Chorus* (bis)

*Im Original wird durchgehend "anyway" gesungen; das ist auch logisch, da es sich - anders als "anyhow" - auf "stay" reimt; wahrscheinlich hat D.S. beim Liveauftritt einmal den richtigen Text vergessen.

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