Joe Dolan

You and the looking glass (Audio)

Don't sit yourself by the looking glass 
and wish your wish could change you
Don't touch your face and put make-up all over your eyes
Somebody loves you the way you are
I'd never re-arrange you
I'm satisfied, so why hide out behind a disguise?   

You and the looking glass make such a beautiful pair
You don't need make-up, your make-up is naturally there 
Why put on powder and cover your beautiful face?
Why put on make-up and wake up to find 
that your make-up feels better that way?!

You are unique, you're the only one 
in all the world around you
Leave all that movie-queen-magazine-make-up alone
Don't touch a thing, you are beautiful 
Don't let the ad-man* haunt you
You've got it naturally, you can get by on your own.

Chorus (bis)

*Für Alle, die das nicht im Wörterbuch finden: "Werbefritze" ;-)

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