Claude François

You and I together (Video)

As I look at you lying there, 
in your eyes I can see myself
And you hair is like my hair, 
it's the face of my son.

Everyday you'll be growing up, 
there are things for us both to learn
Man to man we'll be talking, 
side by side we will run.

For now it's you and I together
No one else could ever step into the world we're sharing
Nobody could match the caring 
Nobody could understand the feeling
You and I together we'll go on forever, 
knowing all about each other
Can a father be a brother 
while his son becomes a man?

If my love doesn't always show 
and I hurt you with foolish words
Just because I am older 
I won't always be right.

In your games I will play with you, 
and your life will be my success
All your dreams will be my dreams, 
and your fight is my fight.

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