Paul Anka

Yesterday my life (Video)

Yesterday my life was more of just the same
Another score, another name, another night at the game
And the men I knew were really not my friends
An evening of fairyland, amazing how we all pretend

All at once my life took on meaning
The moment that I looked at her
There were things that I did
You'd expect from a kid
Telling jokes, full of charm,
There we were, arm in arm

And my heart was heard to say:
You can't let her get away
Make her stay with you today and tomorrow
|: and tomorrow :|

Yes, he's wearing things he never wore before
Yes, he lost 10,000 more, yes, he finds TV a bore
Yes, he's doing things he said he'd never do
And more than that, I liked it, too
If you were me, so would you


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