Herman's Hermits

Years may come (Audio)

Let's take a look behind,
and see what we can find
Last year has gone for everyone
Past with time.

What happened to us then
can happen once again
And watch it now to me -- history.

Years may come (years may come)
Years may go (quickly go)
Some go far (starry far)
Some go slow (oh so slow)
Some are good (very good)
Some are bad (very sad)
For each one (for what comes)
Just be glad (letīs be glad)

Whatever I refuse,
my loving times with you
I wouldn't change a single page
we'd live through.

It wasn't always smooth
Sometimes we jumped the groove
We shared some tears and then -- rowed again.


Some heartache sides will come
Life's sure to dish us out
We'll beat the lot and that's is what 
life's all about.

Whatever may come true
ahead for me and you
Someday it all will be -- memory.
Chorus (bis)

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